The number one 3rd party keyboard for Android is about to get even better, if you can imagine that. Just announced is the all new SwiftKey Cloud beta. Offering full backup & sync for the most personalized and smartest typing experience on a mobile device. This is something we’ve been wishing they’d offer, and now all your device will learn together, from each other, and make typing a breeze. There’s more to the new SwiftKey Cloud too so read on after the break.

The new SwiftKey Cloud isn’t just backup and sync of your dictionary, typing habits, preferences and settings, but it offers tons of other things too. Not only will all of our devices communicate (phone, tablet, or even a new device) but they’ll be smarter than ever. The new enhanced personalization and trending phrases feature that integrates into the cloud is what will truly set SwiftKey apart from the competition.

SwiftKey keyboard learns your typing habits from Gmail, Twitter, and SMS, and now they’ve added Yahoo! Mail as well. Meaning the keyboard will learn your typing habits like never before. Add all of that into the SwiftKey Cloud to create a cloud-based hub for each user’s personal language profile. Pretty powerful stuff. Check out their new video explaining it.

SwiftKey Cloud represents the next step in personalized technology. The words and phrases that matter to you are intelligently updated across all your devices and kept safe in case you upgrade your phone or it is lost or stolen.” – SwiftKey co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock

Trending phrases is probably one of the coolest new features. Using social sites like Twitter to keep up with latest trending news, shows, sports, and anything else relevant and instantly syncing trending topics to the cloud. So whether you’re talking about the Zimmerman trial, your favorite NFL player, or whatever else. SwiftKey will sync to have an updated dictionary, as well as those words/names readily available in their next-word prediction engine. It truly is impressive.

We’ve been using the new SwiftKey 4.2 keyboard with the cloud beta, and so far it has been excellent. Having the same experience on my tablet has always been an issue with suggestions and predictions, but not anymore. Not only that, but the experience seems improved as it’s picking up slang words of mine like never before. Whatever they’ve changed behind the scenes in personalization is certainly making a difference.

The new SwiftKey Cloud is an open public beta available starting today from the link below. Check out a few pictures below and hit the link to get it yourself.

SwiftKey Cloud Beta link

  • Better Alternatives

    The issue with SwiftKey is that there are better alternatives now out there. Yet, the SwiftKey hype is on par with Apple.

    • Matthew

      Like what? I’ve used many alternatives but for me swiftkey is still the cleanest and more user friendly of all the other services.

    • Better Alternatives

      TouchPal Keyboard and Kii Keyboard both make better featured and responsive solutions. I’m a licensed user of SwiftKey, and I do try the latest upon release, but it still does not measure up to these other two.

  • Matthew

    My only wish is that swiftkey would allow learning from major alternative twitter apps… I don’t use the official app as it is nowhere on par to falcon pro or carbon