Steve Wozniak criticizing Apple is nothing new. In the past we have seen him say that Microsoft was more innovative as compared to Apple. And well, it looks like Wozniak has recently dropped some additional criticism — this time dealing with the iPhone and Samsung.

You can likely see where this is going. Or at the very least, as Android fans we suspect you have a hope as to where this is going. Well, in this case he didn’t specifically mention Android, however the Samsung comment certainly points that way. Anyway, Wozniak was recently interviewed by the German language Wirtschafts Woche and he had some interesting things to say. On the topic of the iPhone, he mentioned that he feels Apple is “somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business.”

Further commenting that “Samsung is a big competitor” because they are “currently making great products.” Of course, on the flip side, just because Wozniak is saying that Apple may be a bit behind, he certainly doesn’t seem to be suggesting that Apple is not making quality products. This goes to the point of Wozniak always being willing to wait in line for new Apple releases. During the interview he spoke about this and said that if Apple were to make lousy products, he “would not be in line.”

Bottom line here, it is interesting to see comments like this coming from Wozniak, who was not only a co-founder of Apple, but also has the title of employee number one. Then again, as we mentioned earlier, Wozniak has always seemed willing to speak his mind in the past and we suppose we should not be all that surprised by this latest round of comments.

[via MacRumors]

  • Edward Smith

    Awesome. Apple has been behind, we are just now starting to see the side effect of the changing market to stocks dropping, analyst predictions, etc. iOS is old, and Apple has not been pushing out any innovation the last few years but them seemed to do alot of suing over it. Apple needs to change and adapt to this changing market or they are not going to catch up.

  • Woz was always right

  • TKM

    Who is ahead or behind doesn’t matter. MS had almost stagnated the innovation. Now with the competition between Android and Apple , we get more and more innovative products almost every other day !!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Truthfully it’s pretty pitiful the litigation tactics used by apple against Samsung because they want to stagnate technology. Samsung ain’t having it at all the joke is basically on apple as of today. In short apple’s entire platform is extremely dull and boring to say the least.

  • Samsung is the leader in Android smartphones category and my GS2 is better than latest iphone 5. Apple is just offer one year old tech and specs in there gadgets and isheeps follow it.