Yesterday, we posted a work around for Spring Epic 4G users who were having trouble with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) upgrade. The issues were reported to be with data connectivity to the SD card and failure to access photos, music etc. The work around revolved a hard reset. But it seems now that the issue is more involved than previously thought as Sprint has completely suspended the Froyo roll-out until they can figure out where the issue really lies.

In addition to the Epic 4Gs microSD card not being recognized, many users have been reporting apps, including the camera app, force closing. Data connection issues still persists and there’s also sync issues with the Calendar app. Sprint is currently working with Samsung to troubleshoot the situation. Meanwhile, those who already undergone the Froyo update, can use the reset options outlined in our article yesterday, as well as a ##RTN reset.

Fore more information, users are advised to visit the CE Device portal for more information at RSP>Service & Repair> CE Device Portal > Device Solutions.

[via Android Guys]

  • A. Crenshaw

    After MONTHS of EXHAUSTIVE testing, this is what happens? Sheesh!

  • RnB_Bass

    Did the upgrade using the process on Samsung’s web site that pulls a file down to your PC and pushes it to the phone via the USB cable. It was quick and painless. That process does require that you download and setup your Android Store apps as well as email, etc. Have seen none of the issues reported above.

  • So, is there any update on this suspension? Beginning to believe froyo is just gonna be a no-go (officially) for this handset.