I have some great news for those of you in the LA area, you will be getting some 4G coverage for those of you on Sprint. At some point within the next 20 days, give or take a day, Sprint will be flicking a switch and you will receive 4G coverage on your HTC EVO 4G or any other 4G phones sprint carries.

Keep in mind that it is more difficult to get the radio towers up in large and busy cities such as Los Angeles. With 3.8 million people living in Los Angeles, there could be a lot of people on the network at any given time of day. There is also the tall buildings which disrupt the signal a lot as well. Stay tuned for when the network is officially up and let us know if you’ll be receiving 4G service from Sprint in LA.

Via [Sprint Tweet]


    I am located in ZIP code 90503. I use a Franklin wireless U301: card with a MacBook Pro. Currently, between 6 and 9 PM I have difficulty even getting on the Internet or having my computer function. What will 4G do for me in terms of improving my access to the Internet for such things as iChat and what affect will it have on the ability for my computer to obtain information from the Internet at a reasonable rate of speed. Any advice and information that can be furnished to me as to what benefits (specific) would occur with 4G would be appreciated.

  • Jack P

    Howard, I have Sprint here in the Torrance area too. I normally get speeds of 550 kilobytes per second (kbps) download speed and about 150 kbps upload on my phone on 3G. 4G has an advertised rate of 3 to 6 megabits per second (mbps) down and 1 mbps up.

    I find that for most video websites (Hulu, etc.) you need at least 1 mbps down to watch without those annoying buffering lags. A little more, about 1.5 mbps, for youtube for some reason. With 3-6 mbps, it would take 25-45 minutes to download a full-lenght movie (around 700MB) at full speed.

    Videochatting requires a lot of upload speed because you are uploading live video and audio. Most video chatting programs have different levels of resolution and bitrates depending on what your upload speed is and adjust automatically. So, short answer, you will be able to videochat at a relatively good quality with 1 mbps upload speed.

  • Tom

    Wow, what is up with the Torrance representation here. Here in 90503 I’ve been getting lame 4G reception for 2weeks or so. The speeds have been horrendous, but just today the speeds have improved (not fast by any means) to close to 1mbps. So far, during the day, reception is beyond horrible, but after work hours things start to speed up.
    Looking forward to the improvement.


    January 3, 2011. 90503… Torrance, California. Although I have been paying for Sprint 4G for my computer since last June I still do not have 4G available to me. This is in spite of billboards, brochures in the store, promises from Sprint staff in the store, and an explicit e-mail to me, and additional assurance that I would certainly have it by the beginning (or at least by the end) of December 2010 I still not have Sprint 4G service. Nor, can I get from anyone at Sprint any statement about when it will really be coming to a tower near me. Does anyone know how to get this information out of Sprint.?The office of the president of the 4G division and the office of the chief executive (executive services) have been no help.ANY IDEAS OR CONTACTS/