Sony has just announced the new IM10 Wireless Display that will let you easily display your smartphone’s screen to your TV set from anywhere inside the house. Powered my Miracast technology, the device lets you stream high quality video from phones like Sony’s newly unveiled Xperia Z1.

The Sony IM10 is a plain and visually unimpressive device that’s meant to connect to your devices and then get out of the way. At 75 mm x 75 mm x 16.5 mm and weighing at 125 grams, the device is designed to be simple and small, having only two ports at the back, an HDMI port that connects to the TV and a micro USB port for power, while the front sports only an LED and a connect key.

The IM10 is able to stream 1080p utilizing Miracast and Wireless direct technology. NFC-enabled smartphones can connect to the IM10 Wireless Display by simply tapping the smartphone onto the device to initiate a WiFi connection. Smartphones without NFC can still pair with the IM10 manually. Devices such as laptops or tablets can also use the wireless display as long as they are Miracast-enabled.

Sony announced the IM10 togethewr with the Xperia Z1 at IFA last week but has not revealed pricing or availability details except that it its coming soon. It seems that only a black color option will be available for the device.


  • It is so awesome. But what makes it different with GG cast

  • jscofi


  • shaun firtell

    Had this on my LG and now on my S4, Sony brings nothing new to the mobile market.

    • Wojciech

      Actually Sony has miracast since 4.1.2. They had it before google made it available for android with 4.2.2. This is just an adapter for TV sets that don’t have it already and it’s quite handy that it comes with NFC in built and NFC tag, that makes it very straightforward to use.

      I think it’s second or third 1st party miracast adapter I know about. Netgear PTV3000 would be the first and most popular one, second would be samsung allshare cast which isn’t that great AFAIK.

      There are many chinese dongles that work really great and if this one works as well as those do then I think with right price I might even think about switching from chinese to this one. Hopefully it is based on newer modules than those that they’re using in their TV sets.

    • haxona

      It wil come handy to my old LG tv since it doesn’t have wifi nor any network Connection thingy that newer TVs have. So it’s a good thing more manufactures see the problem which is not everyone wants to buy a new tv just because WiDi, Miracast or WiFi so a Little box is a lot cheaper than a new tv at 600-700$

  • JRomeo

    If this device sells for $100 or greater than it will be a complete FAIL in my opinion.

  • The_Maverick

    Would this also work to connect my Intel laptop with WiDi to the TV? I know WiDi and Miracast are somehow related, but I don’t understand if a device can do WiDi if it can do Miracast.

  • Ben

    Will Android 4.3 or 4.4 versions bring Miracast function to Sony Xperia ZL?