After just producing a profit for 2010, Sony Ericsson has an impressive lineup for 2011 to keep their hot-streak going. One of these devices, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 (MT15i/Halon) has just got a bit of a preview before its official release.

Mobile-Review has gotten their hands on the unit and find it to be very impressive. The device sports a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM7630 with Adreno 205 graphics and 512MB of RAM. The resolution on the second alteration has been improved to 480×854 pixels, which is the maximum available resolution on any Android phone currently.

The review is quite extensive and Mobile-Review finds it to be a very impressive device, so head over for the full details and comprehensive preview. What do you think? Would this be a device that would interest you? Are you willing to give Sony Ericsson another chance in regards to updates for their devices, or will you simply boast the Atrix, BIONIC, Optiimus 2X, or other Android device?

  • Ian Tindale

    “Get’s” ?

  • Really?

    “Hot streak”? The company lost significant market share, saw revenues drop, closed their RTP office, shed thousands of employees and bungled the launch of their flagship android device. They also saw a bunch of senior talent defect to HTC.

    The x10 was many months late, didn’t get updated to 2.1 until late last year, and won’t get 2.2 at all (or 2.3).

    Yes, they got back to being slightly profitable, but it was by cutting costs, not increasing revenue. They used to be a top 5 handset vendor by volume, now they are barely in the top 10.

    The arc looks nice, but the company needs to do a lot more than tease one phone to be back on track… and they are nowhere near being on a hot streak.