If you are the sort of user that loves your Android phone, but uses Microsoft Office for document editing frequently in the home or office a new app is heading to the Android Market soon that you might like. The app is coming from SoftMaker and is the firms Office suite. SoftMaker has announced that it is nearly ready to release the beta version of SoftMaker office for Android that will let you edit those Word documents on the go.

There are already some apps on the Android market that will let you do this, but ZDNet reckons SoftMaker Office has enough features that it will be able to compete well with existing offerings. The screen shot you see here from the app shows lots of formatting options.

Those formatting options might make this as robust as your desktop application. The controls for the app will be optimized for Android’s touch interface and the app will work with Android 3.0 making it viable for tablet users.

[via ZDNet]

  • HoneycombFTW

    I used Softmaker Office for Win desktop and it’s a great little office suite with a couple exceptions. Stick to Softmaker’s *.tmd format or MS *.doc format. I had a great deal of problems working with other formats and using them with OOo. In general Softmaker is focused on compatibility with MS Office more than anything and they do a good job at that.

    The word processor has some nice desktop publishing features, but I stopped using it moving over to gDocs and HTML 100% for comparability reasons. Nonetheless, Quick Office & Softmaker Office are two excellent mobile office suites for anyone looking for that on Android, definitely worth checking out!

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