This is what Samsung is showing off as their total revamp of the tablet for Android by Samsung, specifically on the Galaxy Tab family. This system will be introduced first on the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 and 8.9. This will be an optional upgrade for the tablet family, one you can feel free to download once it’s fully available later this year after the 10.1 and 8.9 are available in their Wifi-only versions. One of the biggest innovations here is the idea that a homescreen replacement doesn’t have to hold back, it can be a complete replacement, one that uses Android as an engine and that’s it!

Take a peek at the video we’ve got here of this new system in action and we’ll fill you in as to the entirety of the details as we receive them. It’s got widgets that are as big as the screen, an App tray that allows you to access your apps in an instant, pop and pop. Will this overlay be a hit? Have a peek here to see how it looks in working mode. Oddly enticing!

[vms 31b55aa50c06529eaa21]

Having just looked at a rather heavy replacement of the original Android experience on the Sidekick, we’re pretty confident that Samsung has something going for them here. Thus far, we’ve only seen excellent overlays from developers and hackers working outside the market. With this tablet UI as well as the one we’ve seen now a couple times on the Samsung Sidekick, we might well be looking at a whole new door opening up for secondary overlays over Android.

  • Honeycomb_FTW

    video is not workind

    • Honeycomb_FTW

      Working now. . . .

      Android tablets are going to get very cool very quickly!!! Hopefully many of these additional features we see in touchwiz will become normal things in Honeycomb–resizeable widgets, ability to window specific apps, and lots more. . . .

  • Anonymous

    This looks extremely similar to stock Honeycomb. Hardly a “complete replacement” in that sense. Of course, the things that they did change all appear to be worse than the original versions, in true Samsung fashion.

  • what is your source that Touchwiz is optional? i sure don’t want it. no one else is reporting that. also will touchwiz UI make it almost unlikely that they will actually release updates to Honeycomb?

  • nb

    nice tablets NEED

    P-S: what is that wonderful song NEED TOO

    • jleakey

      God Moving Over the Face of the Water by MOBY

    • Vitamin String Quartet (Tribute To Moby) – God Moving Over the Face of the Waters

  • Mike Hemelberg

    8.9-inch Galaxy Tab

    16GB: $469
    32GB: $569
    10.1-inch Galaxy Tab

    16GB: $499
    32GB: $599