Samsung Responds Quickly to “Porn” button on the Galaxy Tab

October 12, 2010

Last week we covered an embarrassing mistake in the Samsung Tab OS department that mistakenly labeled the devices home button as “Porn.” The actual button wasn’t a random error, “Porn” was actually short for “Pornie” which means Home in Romanian.

The device was headed to Romania, and that’s when the screenshots leaked. A few hours ago @SamsungMobileRo took the issue to twitter stating that from now on the Home button will be named ‘Acasa’ to avoid any further misunderstandings.

“@samsunghub 'Galaxy Tab cought with a Porn button' the button is now named 'Acasa' (rom. Home) in order to avoid any missunderstandings :]”

A happy ending to a funny misunderstanding. Samsung sure did a great job with it’s time to explanation and then the time to the actual fix.

[Via TheNextWeb]

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