The past few days I’ve been lucky enough to be enjoying the latest and greatest from the Galaxy Tab series, the mid-sized Galaxy Tab 8.9 with AT&T 4G LTE. This slate is the latest edition in Samsung’s attempts to cover almost every size imaginable and now all that seems left is that Tab 7.7 we saw at IFA and possible some sort of 8.2″ like the upcoming Xoom 2. Today we’ll be giving you a brief look at the tablet while we get our hands on it for an unboxing. Then as usual you can expect a full review coming soon.

Being slightly smaller than the Tab 10.1 and offering a bit more screen real estate than the Tab 7.0 Plus this 8.9″ LTE slate might just be the perfect size. Being powerful, portable and connected this could very well do the trick for me. For now I’ll break down a few specs, let you enjoy my video while I compare it to those other two just mentioned, then look for a review to shortly follow.

Similar to the original 8.9 WiFi tab in most regards but it does have a few differences. This AT&T version of course comes connected with 4G LTE and a SIM slot. The other difference is we have a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor on board here, no Samsung 1.2 GHz. It also comes equipped with the standard for tablets 1GB of RAM, 16 and 32GB storage options, 3 megapixel shooter around back with flash, 2MP up front for video and the usual 30 pin dock connector down below. One thing worth noting is the SIM slot is present but sadly we don’t get a micro-SD for expanded storage with this slate, something the smaller sibling was fortunate enough to get. Although it does come rocking a 8.9″ 1280 x 800 resolution display that looks stunning. For now enjoy the hands-on and unboxing below:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 AT&T 4G LTE hands-on

Of course we have Android 3.2 Honeycomb on board with a few UI changes thanks to Samsung’s TouchWiz UX. I can’t stress enough how much I love the built-in screen capture function too. This here is just one of the few available 4G LTE devices that run on AT&T’s new and improved network and while it is still growing and expanding I’ve got a pretty solid connection here in Las Vegas and my surrounding city. I’ve experienced no outages during these past few days around my city but will be sure to test more for my review. I’ve included a quick speedtest result below to be nice and also took a screenshot showing I’m indeed on 4G LTE.

So far my initial impressions are quite favorable. I’ve been really enjoying the 7.0 Plus screen size and almost feel as if the Tab 10.1 could be too large for portable users. This might just be absolutely perfect but until I’ve ran it through the paces I wont comment further. I hope you enjoy the video and a few pictures below. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I’ll try to address them in my review that you can expect shortly.

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  • Savars

    Any idea when 7.7 with Gsm will hit the US market. I need to get them in unlock setting for use in my traveling overseas  as phone and use the WIFI  for skype

  • Damon Aldora

    wanted the smaller tablet because I travel a lot, so having a smaller tablet
    with all the same features as the larger was a big thing that attracted me to
    the Galaxy Tab 8.9. I have the LTE Galaxy Tab 8.9 and I love it! The thing that
    I do most is stream movies and shows to my Galaxy Tab. I like using the DISH
    Remote Access app from my provider DISH Network to stream because it works
    smoothly on the Galaxy Tab. It lets me stream live TV and recorded shows from
    my Sling Adapter-connected receiver to my phone anywhere I am. So having LTE
    and 3G on my tablet is also a plus. From my experience working for DISH, I have
    seen firsthand that the Galaxy Tab is one of the best tablets to stream on
    granted you have an internet plan on it!

  • Alanher

    Hi. Can I use this tablet with a standard 3G sim card? What are the UTMS frecuencies? 

    • guest

      You must use a standard 4g card.

  • Mrkbgg

    I have just bought one but most of it is in Korean and there is no ‘menu’ key, can’t set up wifi HELP!!

  • guest

    I got this 2 weeks ago and i noticed that it is kinda slow/laggy. Have any idea if the ics will fix this?

  • Naeemkohi

    how to put data in exel files?a

  • I use AT&T’s 4G LTE (available here in NY) extensively on my GTab, and i have found it to be one of the best features of the tablet. On top of incredible data speeds, this tablet is perfect for graphic design work.

  • The thing is, until you’ve tried more than one tablet, how do you know if you’ve got a great tablet or not? How many of us get to try out different ones? I check out the tablets my graphic design colleagues have when I see them and have time to review what they have, but I wouldn’t even know 4G LTE on AT&T (what I have in San Francisco) from another network from another carrier. That’s what’s so tricky about this industry. You just roll with what you have.