We have some good news for many of you Samsung Galaxy Tab owners this holiday season. It looks like Samsung has finished putting their finishing touches on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Tab 2. New reports are coming in that the Tab 2 7-inch has started receiving the update to Jelly Bean in multiple regions over the past few days. What’s even better is how similar it looks to the Nexus 7 now.

For now this appears to only be for branded Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch models, and none in the US yet. Usually we see updates for WiFi editions first but it’s been confirmed to be rolling out in Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Romania and Slovenia for Vodafone customers. Maybe they’re starting small before pushing out to major regions. The screenshots below look promising complete with expandable notifications and all.

According to SamMobile the update is arriving as we speak over the air, as well as the usual Samsung Kies software for those who’d rather not wait. Looking at the screenshots provided Samsung has blended their smartphone TouchWiz UX in with how Google’s released Jelly Bean for the Nexus 7. The end result is a fine blend that actually looks quite neat.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of TouchWiz for tablets, but this time around Samsung appears to have done an excellent job blending their idea of Android with what Google has put in place regarding the user interface. Hopefully more Galaxy Tabs like the 10-inch model, as well as older 7.7 Tabs and more all get the same treatment fairly soon. More details on the Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch fan be found below. If you’re in one of those locations with a Vodafone Tab 2 give the update a try today.

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  • marko

    Do you know what is with tab 2 10.1. When will update come

  • James

    when will it come to the U.S.?

  • rishikanta

    When comes in India

    • Noaman Bin Sultan

      I think in december

  • shubham

    When coming in india?
    Waiting till now, its December 7th 🙁 someone help

  • Simone Napoli

    Are these update for both versions (wi-fi and 3g) or for 3g only? Thanks

  • lenny

    Got in here in Ireland on Monday evening just gone

  • Uday Kumar

    Its also available in India. You can do from Samsung Kies.

  • smiley

    Jellybean sucks on tab 2
    Screen shot has no gone and can’t be used
    Internet explorer runs crap
    Can I uninstall????

    • caloy

      to make a screenshot:
      hold the power button + volume down button

      • rose945

        Doesn’t work now after the update

  • Saleesh Samuel

    Hi all i received the Jelly Bean Update for my Galaxy Tab 2 on Sunday. Updated the device and it is looking awesome.

    Saleesh Samuel

  • vino

    Got in india before 7 dec 12

  • caloy

    hope it soon comes in asia especially the philippines

  • Rob Watkins

    I just got the update Cory. Its muchhhhhhh smoother now and looks like the Nexus 7.. Big, big improvement here.

  • tekkie

    It got the Jelly Bean update yesterday and am finding some issues. Seems
    like not all of the settings are working as they should. If I disable
    audio, I still get audio at startup even though my settings still show
    audio disabled once I “swipe” in. If I disable rotation, some apps that
    previously complied when rotation was disabled continue to rotate. If I
    disable Google auto suggest, it still appears while I’m typing a
    message. I’d say these are big bugs. Some features are nice, but so far I
    haven’t seen anything that makes me say “wow”.

  • rose945

    I received the update and I lost the use of “Screen Capture”. I think its bull. Is there a way to uninstall update and get “Screen Cap” back??? Who knows what else was removed. Really dissatisfied at the moment.

  • Dr.Nish

    Hw can i get screenshot icon back??