Just like the aging Galaxy S II, Samsung hasn’t forgot about their popular original 5.3-inch Galaxy Note phablet. Today we’ve learned that it’s happily getting updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean now, and in the coming weeks and months. Initially this is for the international N7000 Galaxy Note, then other regions and eventually the US models will also enjoy the same benefits.

Last week HTC updated their Thunderbolt to Ice Cream Sandwich, and now Samsung is updating the Note. Both which are pretty old devices in today’s standards. It’s nice to see manufacturers still trying to keep all their devices up with the times, especially Samsung considering they’ve sold millions and millions of Galaxy Note smartphones.

According to reports, the Galaxy Note is receiving an over the air update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean in Asia. With users from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and more reportedly stating it has arrived towards the end of the weekend or this morning. It isn’t Android 4.2, but it’s as close as you’ll get for now. Samsung has brought all the awesome features of Jelly Bean we love. Like Project Butter, Google Now, expandable notifications. As well as their wide array of Galaxy specific features like multi-window and multi-view modes and more.


As usual the update is rolling out as we speak, but is also available on Samsung Kies for those interested. Although you’ll have to be in Asia and rocking the N7000. For now this is just an initial rollout but we’re expecting other regions to quickly follow, then hopefully the AT&T and T-Mobile models stateside. Start checking for updates and hit the link below for a list of everything that’s new.

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[via SamMobile]

  • No update in India.. 🙁

  • NO Updates in india

  • jamesUK

    I think Samsung stinks. The reason for the delay in updating the N7000 is purely sales driven. I will not be buying Samsung again if this is the greedy way they treat their clients.

  • Peter Nambrook

    Im never buying samsung again im not even excited for this stinky update anylonger becouse i have been waiting for 6 months.. im selling the phone so go scrjeeew yourselv samsung

  • ryan

    operating jelly bean in india ^_^

  • galaxy note. U K

    WAITING. WAITING. bloody waiting.

  • Christian Thorpe

    UK and still waiting…

  • isa

    Wrong news!

    No update has been done so far.

  • Michiel

    Switzerland didn’t get the jelly bean yet for my N7000. wasn’t it that this jelly bean was already announced more than half a year ago and we never got it ?

  • Hussam Zarqa

    Just updated mine last night 13/4/2013 in UAE
    Still need to see how it performs because the icecream sandwich did not perform well