Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Android 4.2.2 updates begin

August 5, 2013

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Samsung seems to have begun rolling out an Android 4.2.2 update for another two devices. These latest are both tablets. Specifically, the Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE and the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. As always, the catch with Android device updates is these tend to rollout by markets. And in this case it looks like we have an update beginning in the UK and France.

The update details for the Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE show an update that is arriving first for those in the UK. The download files for this update have come available for those willing to download and install from scratch. But otherwise, the update is in the process of rolling out both over-the-air and also by way of Kies.

While many likely suspected the Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE would see Android 4.2.2, this other update has arrived with a bit more surprise. This update is for the 3G-equipped version of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and it has begun first for those in France. This update is also coming over-the-air and through Kies.

That being said, while these updates are both available in one market at this point, it seems likely that will spread sooner rather than later. The Galaxy Note 8.0 update is shown to be more than 1GB in size and the Tab 2 7.0 while under a GB, is still nearly 900MB in size. Bottom line here, while these are both cellular equipped tablets, these updates seem like they will be better delivered with a WiFi connection.

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  • Cal Rankin

    really hope the US Wifi model gets the update soon. That would make it much more of an ideal companion device to the new Nexus 7 I want to pick up in a few weeks.

  • Larry Garcia

    I just got the update to 2.2 wow… I am actually very pleasantly surprised!!! Bravo Samsung

    • Larry Garcia

      P.S. I’m in Michigan with a Galaxy tab 2 7.0

  • chryssy67

    I received wifi update for tab 2 last night… it allowed apps to be moved to SD card, but now those apps don’t exist any more! Anyone else?

  • Elbert Lee

    my tab updated last night and now my 32gb micro memory card is dead. nice…

  • jamie

    My samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 just got the update yesterday. Im very happy with it and elated it now allows me to move apps to sd card.