If you’re in the market for a lower price smartphone wearing the Samsung name in running the Android operating system, a new offering is turned up called the Galaxy Centura. The phone has turned up online with all the details and is destined to land on the Straight Talk prepaid wireless network. The phone was tipped the of the official Samsung website.

The phone turned up on the website with no fanfare and lacking an official press release that we’ve seen. The details are offered, but no price or launch date information. However, most of the specifications of the device were unveiled via the website and it’s clearly a budget phone.

The phone has a three-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 480. It uses an 800 MHz QUALCOMM MSM7625A processor mated with 512 MB of RAM. The phone has 4 GB of internal storage and a memory card slot supporting microSD cards up to 32 GB.

The phone also has integrated Bluetooth and a 1500 mAh internal battery. Samsung says that battery is good enough for seven hours of talk time with Bluetooth off. The camera on the back of the phone has three-megapixel resolution and the device offers integrated GPS. The operating system is Android 4.0.

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  • Just got mine today, it’s a new situation for me as I’ve always had low tech phones so to me it’s amazing! So far the only thing I was disappointed about is you can’t use popular music ringtones you must use what tones came with the phone otherwise I have a pretty nice phone for under a 100 dollars. Also they offer a 9 dollar replacement plan for 2 yrs. Buy it so worth the extra dollars.

    • If you have a PC you can download the Samsung USB drivers and copy ringtones from your PC to your phone if you want to download them from the internet. Sadly I lost my favorite with my phone that died because it was new and I hadn’t backed it up yet. I was able to copy all my other personal ringtones via USB though.

      • Brett

        Always backup!!!! I do it at least weekly!

    • Jeffrey VanHoozer

      Tabitha, you can also download the Zedge app on Google Play which will let you download ringtones, wallpapers and so much more. Just about any ringtone you can imagine, and it is completely free.

      • ALAN

        thank you so much jeffrey! that worked perfect!

    • Brett

      You can use your own music for ringtones and notifications. You just have to play with it and learn the operations of the phone. I’m sure youtube has videos on thi subject. I plugged mine into my laptop and transfered music files to ringtones and notifications and have no problems. I wake up to Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” for an alarm on mine. Have only had it a couple ofdays.

    • ChrisTheWiz

      If you download a file manager in the play store, you can go online and download any ringtones you want. BTW samsung galaxy S3 is the way to go. I got the centura for my dad and he loves it. If you want all of the features that normal smartphonez have, you will not find it with any phone non-contract for undern 100 $.

  • anodesaz

    Also bought one today. A nice cheap, 4G phn w/Bluetooth and camera. On Verizon network, so I’m told and so glad to be off AT&T net! Totally agree w/Tabitha, @ $9 get the replacement plan!

    • anodesaz

      SO new I can’t find armor for it, glad I got the $9 backup (which BTW does NOT cover loss, fire or theft). But register your phn on-line, drop, wet, break or crack the display and present your claim and you will get a prepaid shipper to return for new replacement during your 2 yrs period… or so I’m told.

      • Brittany

        What 2 year period? There is no contract for this phone, it’s on Straight Talk. If you break it you have to buy a new one out of pocket. There is no kind of protection plan you can buy. Again, this is a pre-paid phone and service… Not a contract. You can cancel your account any time you wish and not pay any ETF.

      • Valerie LM

        The plan is the Walmart Protection plan that covers electronics under $150.00. IT IS AWESOME!!! I highly recommend this plan – we’ve used it several times to replace my son’s IPOD touch when he cracked the screen – really unbelievable service.

      • Rekaarmel

        If you have straight talk you can get their insurance replacement or if you did like I did and brought my phone from wal-mart you can use their plans and it covers just about everything possible. I lost a phone or it was stolen and they replaced mine.

      • Scott

        Straight talk has replaced phones for me. I actually just got this Samsung Centura as a replacement for the galaxy proclaim that had no phone replacement or exchange protection. I just emailed straight talk and explained the proclaim I’d bought 8 months before had a loose charging port and that it had to be placed or held in a certain position for it to charge. They sent this one 3 days after receiving my email. I can’t stand that the phone has to be rooted to move apps to its external micro sd card and that they can’t just be downloaded straight to the ext. sd to begin with. When they decided to do that brilliant downgrade, they could’ve atleast kept a better processor with 8 Gb internal sd. WTF!!

      • Robert

        your wrong walmart offers replacement plans for the phone that covers exactly what they are saying for that price and is worth it and the phone automaticly comes with 30 day warrenty all tech do unless you buy used or refurbished depending on the sellers

      • dirk

        That is NOT true. I brought mine for a mere 9.00 they offer replacements plans on all their electronics.

      • azbelle

        I have used the replacement plan…this plan is awsome!! It really IS worth what you pay($9) they honestly do what they say. I have had to use it(charger) where it connects into phone…it was ?loose…wud NOT stay plugged…they sent me a online credit..awsome cust serv..very pleased!! BUT make sure u keep ur RECPT for phone and plan….with dates visible… 🙂 they DO req. Copy…втщ …. this was a WAL mart plan…& they cvr evrything:)

      • Sharon Anthony

        right u said it there WALMART. I got this phone looked good, plan looked good,ok, the phone i had wouldn’t work in the area i was in. next morning my sound is off, i turn it back on, it turns itself off. after several days of this, time changing itself etc, i go back to walmart. tell them i want to exchange the phone, i have the receipt, but not the box, no box, no help! the person who is working tells me he can fix it. wrong, so i go back 2 days in a row. finally, they are laughing, and tell me the man the 2nd time was from automotive! never did fix this phone, even the manager of the phone dept told me she knows nothing about the phone. like i said, WALMART.

    • Brittany

      This phone is NOT 4g. Nor is it available on a contract. It is only sold on prepaid networks such as Straight Talk and possibly Net10. The phone is 3g only.

      • mr_65793

        well, how come in system info mine says 4G?

      • YourMom

        Yours is special…

      • fd

        mine says 4g as well

  • FYI I just bought this phone today and there is no GPS Sensor inside it. I’m going to miss using my phone with Google Maps to get around, but for $99.88 what should I really be expecting? It’s in my current budget.

    • anodsaz

      Play w/it. Maps
      /GPS works for me.

      • Hrm… I stand corrected. Sorry, I didn’t see GPS listed on the box when I bought it and it looked like it was greyed out in Settings but the box just wasn’t checked.

      • Jt Miller

        there is gps i use it myself

    • Autumn Lee Feagle-Bridgmon

      I use Real Time GPS Tracker. You can also add friends who use it and see where they are

  • how do you take a screenshot on this phone just got it and cant find a way to do it

    • Brittany

      in Android 4.0 you hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time until you hear a sound and see a flash or something on the screen. It auto-saves to your Screenshots folder in your gallery.

      • Ami

        Hey thanks for the info!! 🙂

    • Lisa Dowdy

      you touch the home button and the lock button at the same time….

    • crystal

      I tryed both of what the two ppl said above me but it didnt work but i pressed all three at the same time and it worked the power button n the home button and the volume button.

    • Autumn Lee Feagle-Bridgmon

      You need to hit the hold buttom and the down part of the volumn button. I just learned how

  • Denise Steinbauer Kober Meyer

    Got this phone two weeks ago and been trying ever since to get SD card apps to move over to the external memory (SD card). Tells me either we don’t have one in the phone or it’s not running as an external card (Forgot the terminology it used). Can this phone use the external like any other android, or are we looking for something in the phone that doesn’t exist?

  • MJS

    To any of you that mentioned recently buying this phone……how is it working out? I am not huge on technology/apps/etc. so I thought this may be a good phone for me???

  • DMP

    We just bought this phone for a replacement for my wife’s Proclaim, Straight has broken the wi-fi so you can’t use it as a hot spot. You can’t even use it with the USB tether. So unlimited data doesn’t mean a thing, except you’re paying for it.

    • Jennifer

      I am SO mad about this! I would have NEVER bought this stupid phone if I would’ve known I would lose the hotspot feature. It is a horrible inconvenience. If you come up with anything PLEASE let me know!!!

    • Stanley_Krute

      USB tether works.

      1. install Kies from Samsung on PC [gets all the drivers in place]

      2. install PdaNet on PC

      3. install PdaNet on Android phone

  • taco bell

    I dropped my phone and pressed the power button and lines showed up. what should I do.

  • jason

    i have ringtones i just dont know how to add them as my ringtone

    • Rachel

      Use the usb plug that came with you phone and connect it to your computer then go into your control panel and click on “computer” you will see your device listed in the left side of the menu. Click on it then click on your usb storage you will then see your folders listed that’s on your device. You’ll want to click on the “download” folder drag any ringtone you have that’s downloaded and drag them to the designated folder you wish to use the ringtone in.

  • valerie thompson

    I just got this phone and it only vibrates when i got the volume turned up. what should i do

  • mike

    how can I set ringtones that I have on my sd card as ringtones

    • dustin

      mp3 cutter and ringtone maker is a app i dwnlded and it works good. thats the only way i know. have u figured out how to move items to the sd card???

  • Andy

    Is there anyway I can download videos, or music from youtube??

  • megan

    it sucks that it doesnt have a front camera, but I love the phone is really exciting and great picture views!!!!

  • Kanj Rafael

    okay i’ve had this phone for quite some time nw and this whole time i thought the my pictures/videos were being save on tu the external memoery (sdcard) n now i cant seem to get my pictures/videos transfered to the card. its jes has 3.68GB left on a 4GB. can someone please tell me how to do that.

    • Rob

      Go to Google store and download ES File Explorer It’s free.

  • anthony 1964

    I got this phone a couple of months ago! Now when i call someone I can hear them but they cant hear me. Is their something on the phone that can fix this!

    • Penny

      I had this same exact problem The phone is warrantied for a year. Call them and send it back!

  • Levi

    so, i got this phone as a free replacement and i hate it because unlike my old phone (samsung galaxy proclaim) i cant find my ringtones to send them or anything!!!!!! why!!!!!!!!!!!

    • choomab

      Wow was this a HUGE pain in the @** ok first download any mp3 ringtone you want or have to use etc. Plug your Samsung Galaxy Centura into your computer using the provided usb cord. Ignore the pop up window when asked what you want to do. I’m using windows 7 so open the download or piece of music etc that you want to use as you ringtone with windows media player. In the top right corner of the screen that’s playing your tone/song hover over the 3 little squares with the back arrow it says switch to library click it or the song will finish playing and then you can click go to library. Once in the main windows media player library screen on the right you will see your song/tone/mp3 in blue under unsaved list. Right click on your songs/tone/mp3 name and choose open file location. Once file location is open your song/tone/mp3 will be highlighted in blue. Now look to the left list you will see your phone, mine starts with SCH- go over and left click the little arrow to the left of the SCH (your phone) to expand your phones files. I have a microSD card in, so I have 2 expansions under my phone SD Card and USB storage, if your USB storage folder isnt already expanded, click USB storage now and a drop down will appear

      Finally left click you highlighted song/tone/mp3 hold it and drag it over to ringtones. If you want it for a personalized notification left click hold and drag it to notifications. Now look on your phone system settings click sound then phone ringtone. your ringtone should now be there, click on it hit ok to set and BAM!!! your done. Same for Notifications, if you drug your song to notifications go to settings, sound, notification and it’s there. Hope this helps someone because I was ready to pull my hair out literally, why they make this so much harder and confusing than it has to be. Enjoy!!!!

  • heather

    straight talk sebt me this phone as a replacement for my proclaim after the battery wouldnt charge anymore. its been working great for what i need it for. now the screen is all cracked im not sure if theh cover that and will send me new one or not. any infor mation would be appreciated thanks

  • Lisa Simmons

    how do I change so that pictures save to SD card and not the camera on the Samsung centura?

  • LM

    How do you transfer music from computer to samsung galaxy centura? Tried but get error messages upon playback.