There’s now word directly from Samsung that Epic 4G users will finally have the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update they were promised last September. Known as build EB13, the update, will be delivered over-the-air (OTA) and should get to all Epic 4G users by released to all users by week’s end. Not only will Epic 4G users enjoy a new flavor of Android, but they will also get additional features that include ability to install apps on external storage, Flash Player 10.1, improved Bluetooth support including voice dialing, and GPS improvements and improved OS performance in general. But the great irony is, with Epic 4G users already complaining about not having vs. 2.3 (Gingerbread) and with Honeycomb’s hybrid OS on the horizon, could this be a case of too little too late?

The Epic 4G will certainly be able to handle it, with it’s 1GHz Hummingbird processor running with TouchWiz 3. TouchWiz isn’t rather long in the tooth, granted, so this Froyo update should bolster that and make it more bearable. Previous Samsung Galaxy S devices started getting some Froyo last September, so this update is long overdue. One thing though, Samsung warns that users must be in the update que to be “update eligible.” Should users try and update the OS manually, they will get a message saying “no upgrade is available.” So patience is required.

If you’re thinking picking up an Epic 4G, swing on over to SlashGear and read our hands-on review.

[via SamsungHub]

  • Odd32

    Is this for real?

    • buddymingon


      • Wdm454

        Sprint can go shove it up their ass, I’ve had 2.2 beta an doing well with it for awhile

  • Odd32

    Is this for real?

  • Atlantadude1972

    Has anyone fucking gotten this shit?

    • i hate Sprint AND Samsung

      No. These fuckin B@stards are just yanking our dix and laughing the whole time. Fuckin B@stards!!!

      • Southrengirl

        Nasty mouth

    • Anonymous

      lmao that shits already been leaked brah since early feb

  • announomus

    Fuck You!!! What about the fascinate huh?

  • Drnaegeli

    What or where is the Update que???

  • Gman

    Whats does it mean about being in update que?

  • Luckyman

    I got it this morning! You haven’t gotten it yet? Sucks for you!

    • Sashady

      Ur full of shit. Its already been posted that the update will not start until 9pm PST.

      • Sashady is wrong

        No, i’ve gotten mine too! It came out about 20 min ago. I think you’re getting wrong information. It’s rolling out.

    • Ef0

      me too

  • Mydtys

    Well… i have mine out of usa, sprint, i hope the fucking update too..

  • Mydtys

    Well… i have mine out of usa, sprint, i hope the fucking update too..

  • Smitty93

    okay i just got this update – so what’s so new about this? it looks the same as before

  • Frankyfiggz27

    this is the OFFICIAL release of froyo for the epic Brah. dummy. Btw..if u say u got the update already today can u say where the hell u live?!?!?!

  • Frankyfiggz27

    please say where ur from if u get the update

  • WackYWRZ

    If you go to , go to the support section, you can download it manually and install from your PC!!

    • Michael111178

      Will it wipe your system?? How do I backup everything and then get it back??


    • Michael111178

      Will it wipe your system?? How do I backup everything and then get it back??


  • yea, i luv this update
    the epic seems to fly now and uses less memory running froyo. nice job

  • Matttmj

    Ok, I have been using the phone with the new Froyo update now since yesterday and still don’t get what all the fuss is about. For months and months, people have been complaining about the whereabouts of this update, but I really don’t see that it does anything substantially better or different for the phone than Eclair.

    Here are the only noticeable changes:
    (1) The lock-screen seems somewhat more responsive when one immediately tries to access their phone, but that is no biggie.

    (2) The phone itself, however, seems more glitchy and hesitates when I switch between my home screen and other screens. In addition, the browser application seems strangely more responsive when using the zoom feature yet very sensitive and glitchy at the same time as it is constantly readjusting during the pinch-zoom, multi-touch feature.

    (3) The SMS/test messaging dialogue boxes is no longer the simple white-on-black background with subtle alterations of grey and black backgrounds from before. Instead, there are these awful Iphone-esque text bubbles that are alternately yellow and blue. To make matters worse, the text/font itself is actually much smaller than before as is the text itself that one inputs into the “compose” field or even the “search” fields of the browser itself.

    (4) The stock browser, as mentioned above, is hesitant and glitchy. Further, I keep receiving a message that I cannot open a new windows because too many windows are open. As a result, I have been defaulting to the Dolphin browser, which does allow for one to have multiple tabs.

    (5) The GPS seems to be working well once a signal is found, but it did seem to take an inordinate amount of time to actually find a signal while attempting to use Google Navigation.

    (6) The camera still takes great pictures, but there is a noticeably longer pause from the moment the picture is taken until the moment it appears on one’s screen to review it. With Eclair, the whole process was much faster. In addition, there is a GPS signal icon that blinks while attempting to take a picture. While I find the idea of geo-tagging to be a cool concept, I can’t seem to find any way to disable that feature.

    (7) The few pluses I feel compelled to mention out of fairness is the improved YouTube functionality and the ability to now use Skype(with some limitations). The YouTube application allows one to see numerous videos now without the limitations or disabled videos that were common under the older incarnation with Eclair. Skype now allows one to actually access it to chat with simple messaging or to contact one via voice when using wi-fi only. Sadly, there is no video-calling option.

    • Johnsonxtiffany

      Is there any way to change the yellow and blue bubbles for texting? Because I absolutely hate them.

      • Pyro

        I second this. If anyone figures out how to revert back to the simple black-and-white chat instead of this ugly yellow-and-blue speech bubble crap, please tell me!

  • Mwildman

    can you clowns say where you live….who cares if you get it, i want to know where you live so i can get an idea when i get mine….useless info…hell, been waitng for six months.

  • Xela

    I got it~ (manually, though :P)

    Haven’t had much of a chance to play with it yet, though.

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  • Ramen

    Is it better than DK28?

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  • mtb1081

    got update on 2/23 pittsburgh,pa overall performance increase. Finally gps fix, and all the other 2.2 goodies. now where the #$%@ is the gingerbreadman

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