Verizon has just issued the OK for an over the air update for the Samsung DROID Charge. The last update back near the end of 2011 brought Gingerbread and while we still wait for Ice Cream Sandwich on the Charge the update does bring some new UI tweaks, as well as a Verizon remote diagnostic tool and more. All the details are in the documents below.

The update has been detailed by Verizon and all the information is available here. While the UI tweaks and changes weren’t detailed enough for us to comment, we are seeing a few improvements to hotspots, bundled apps like VZW Navigator and more. Check the image in the gallery below for a full list of all the changes you can expect to see on your own DROID Charge.

As usual the update has started rolling out now and Charge owners should be seeing it starting today and throughout the week. For those not wanting to wait you can always manually check for updates by going to settings > about phone > check for updates and give it a go. The biggest change is the inclusion of the Verizon Remote Diagnostics tool that will be installed and cannot be removed. Allowing Verizon to remotely access the device. They claim it will ONLY run, and only be used after a customer support rep asks for permission, gets a code from the user, and the user accepts the access on device. We still aren’t sure how we feel about this being added automatically and not an option, but that is an entirely different story.

Let us know how the update goes, and if you experience any issues by sounding off in the comment section below.

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  • Harry Delien

    Does anyone know how to tell if you got this?  Does the version number change?

    • Michael C Veli

      you will be notified on your phone that there is an update available. 

    • Dakota Kephart

      there is no version number change

    • Dakota Kephart

      there is no version number change

  • Dakota Kephart

    just got the notification, waiting for it to install as i write this, will tell you how it goes 🙂

  • Dakota Kephart

    just got the notification, waiting for it to install as i write this, will tell you how it goes 🙂

  • Dakota Kephart

    definitely less lag, new lock screen, a couple new icons for some stock apps, when playing music through the stock music player app less ram is used, less “skipping” in the audio playback as well.
    so far thats all the new features i can see in this update but if i notice something else ill post

  • Dakota Kephart

    when using wifi it shows when data is being uploaded and/or downloaded, just like when connected to 4g or 3g

  • Rockbasedwc

    Lost my puzzle lock, lost my live wallpaper, on fringe area where i always got service now has no service for a few miles. Going to verizon store today.

  • Dylan Dinoto

    I did the update and lost my 4g coverage….. Anyone else having that issue?

    • ME

       yes I have  that too or 4G icon will be up but when I go to get on the internet there will be no 3G or 4G…. quite annoying

  • Bluekaos4

    I just received an update a day or two ago and at first my phone was fine or so i thought it was. Then today it just started acting weird. i keep losing network signal but still have data (3g) and then i can’t send or receive calls and texts. I’ve reset the phone and it cured the problem for only a little while. This has been very irritating to say the least. i switched from a droidx first generation to the charge after a buddy at work accidently bumped into me and it fell in water. So i got a droid charge like his and have been very disappointed with this phone and so is he. i plan on switching back to the droidx but to the second generation this time because it seems to me that Samsung can make good tv’s but Motorola can make better cellphones.

    • briang2795

      I totaly agree, I gave my Doid X 1st Gen 2 my son and dove into the Samsung for the first time. Wish I had gotten him the Charge cuz that Droid X is Badass!!! Motorola kills when it comes to cell phones. The only thing the Charge has on the Droid X is 4G which is big, but I only get 3G when I’m home???????????

  • Jonathan

    The background doesn’t rotate anymore — lame.

  • Masterspartan13

    The puzzle to unlock the phone is gone, disappointed by that… new lock is ok but i prefer puzzle. The icons dont look as pretty without the square of color behind them… samsung is starting to screw up things just like google with their name changing of the market place. If it aint broke, dont fix it. phone is also running slower on start up. tisk tisk…

  • Mason

    I agree with Masterspartan13…I wish the puzzle unlock was left alone.  The “lock-in-a circle” doesn’t work nearly as well.  It allows very inaccurate swiping.

  • Guest

    I agree I wish they had left the puzzle unlock, this seems like it will easily get unlocked in my pocket or purse and then start dialing people. I do like that the data transfer shows on wifi now. I still have 4G and everything else appears to be working as before.

  • JMD

    Anyone know how to delete the update so I can stop getting the message to update?

  • Guest

    If you rooted your phone this update will soft brick your phone.
    When phone reboots after the update is download your phone will go into a never ending a boot loop.

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  • Stacy Updike

    03/28/2012 I don’t like the little circles that on the screen now, there ugly and the colors are so boring I liked the puzzle piece . wish we could have it back or something not so drab. Other than that I love my droid charge.   PLEASE SOMEONE GET US A DIFFERENT UNLOCKING SCREEN  

  • Sixraven

    I noticed after update my phone reboots in 1 minute or less. It took 2 to 3 minutes before update.

  • No

    Ever since doing this update, the call quality is horrible.  people I call complain that it is really high pitched and painful to talk to me.

  • Blueskittles67

    I hate that they did away with unlock screen it should be an option for this new ugly unlock screen! The puzzle piece is what made my phone special!! I also noticed when trying to change my wallpaper I can’t do the scrolling background anymore its setup to be one stationary picture! only good thing I have noticed is that it starts up faster the appearance of my phone is ugly and I and extremely upset about it, honestly it had a lot to do with why I purchased this phone in particular !!

  • Blueskittles67

    AAlso noticed my phone has been freezing and acting very strange since new update!! hate it take it back to how it was I use to love my phone:-(

  • Guest

    Terrible. I used to love my phone– now (1) it locks up; (2) bluetooth is messed up; (3) battery charge sucks; & (4) no puzzle. I have had the phone since last May and never had a problem.

  • Vanessasmith2223

    very upset about not having the puzzle pice to unlock the phone…this new ugly ass bubble in the middle of the screen works terribly and the puzzle piece was half the reason i even picked this phone to start with. very very very disappointed in this and the upddate in general. DON’T FIX SOMETHING THAT’S NOT BROKEN

  • Maukalife

    I had a bad feeling about this update but finally gave in after a month of annoying pop ups. Dissappointad with new screen lock, also cannot watch full screen videos from non mainstream websites. Screen only shows videoes I 1 inch frame.anyone else have this problem? Very dissapointed samsung!

  • Joe

    Lack of Ice Cream Sandwich, just means I am heading back to an Iphone in May.  Honestly this is bs..

  • Jsemerald1

    I am giving up on my Charge. I am on my second phone as the first one got so corrupted they replaced it. My phone changes brightness, sound levels, language, voice calling never gets it right,  battery is poor, I am going to go to an Iphone that is easier to use and does not act up all the time. When I go to Verizon to complain they offer to send it back and get a refurbished replacement. I did that once with no change in results. Until the android gets a more stable platform, I will not leave the iphone.

  • Gabby

    Droid Charge decided to reboot itself in the middle of the night. However, it’s not booting up fully. It gets to the “Samsung” screen and then the screen goes black. When I hold down the power button, it goes right back to the “Samsung” screen and won’t boot up. I’ve take out the batter, SIM card, and SD card. However for some reason, it still will not boot back up. Anyone having a similar problem? 

  • My2kidsmum

    I absolutly Loved the Charge & was excited when it hit the market. I quickly returnex my Droud X and bought the Charge last year. I LOVED the feel,the look,the ease of use and of. Coarse the screen. SADLY I am on my 5th DROID Charge due ro issues relating to EVERYTHING from phone lock/freeze, camera issues,texting/keypad not working,emails not coming,no auto rotate,poor call sound,horrible speaker phone quality etc. etc. I ha e spe t countless Hours/Days removing battery,SMS,& Sd to NO avail. Verizon has worked with me to fix issues but in many cases I had more knowledge then they had. I was forced to do the updates and found that it made changes to keypad/contacts that were VERY UNPLEASANT to MY eyes. I have Recently been sent the Motorola. RAZR by Verizon Tech as I think after having 5 Droid Charge they thought it might be a better fit. IT’S NOT! Yes it has alot of features but it’s too thin for me,I dont like the built in battery idea and the main features I Love about the Charge arent there. Like the calculator,the AP & Weather on Home screen,their keypad is smaaler and the color bothers my eyes,I do t like the vizuals of text in messaging or emails,there are no smiley options,basicaly the simple things are just not there. I want MY DROID CHARGE but I wa t it to be as GREAT as I had hoped it would be and as I know it Should be because I dont like this RAZR that was pushed on me. Come on Samsung,I know you can do better! Make the CHARGE a Force to be reconded with! DON’T force weird changes that nobody wants and make the main funtions like speakerphone,volume,camera,keypad etc Work.

  • Android_Geek

    I have NONE of these problems because I rooted my Droid Charge and put on a DEBLOATED ROM (a version of the operating system on the phone that had all of the advertising garbage like Blockbuster, and stupid golf games removed). My Charge runs as fast as Android initially intended it to run before Verizon got their hands on it and bogged it down by selling space on it from advertisers.

    Also, I have multiple lock screes to choose from, AND no Verizon spyware apps.


  • Tevstud

    I dont mind the updates they did. I just want the ICS update. I payed lots for the phone when it came out and now I’m stuck with the old honeycomb? Kinda pissed about it. I guess when my contract is up, I can get another phone that hopfully will take the new updates like the Jelly Bean OS that’s coming out.

  • I still do not have the icecream update. Is my charge not compatible?

  • btw

    Collectibility for Facebook and other apps are now a problem. basic wifi connections now week and will not work 30% of the time.