What should you do if the market is over-saturated with 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch and 10-inch tablets? Why, make a new market segment, of course! This is exactly what Samsung and Apple are rumored to be doing as the two companies shift their eyes towards tablets that are 12 inches or larger.

Samsung and Apple are both planning on creating a new market segment to turn competition away from smaller devices like smartphones and towards devices even larger than the usual 10-inch tablets today. According to sources, this change in tactics is due to a drop in the global shipment of tablets, as indicated in IDC’s latest quarterly report.

As the demand for smartphones and tablets collide, Samsung believes that consumers will prefer smartphones and sees this as a writing on the wall. The company will instead focus on competing with the netbook industry, where sizes range from 10 to 13 inches. Apple won’t be able to make such a quick change though, as large tablets could directly compete with and maybe even supplant its own MacBook Air devices.

Sources also say that other vendors aren’t willing to join in just yet. After being burned by low sales of 9- and 10-inch tablets, they aren’t ready to take big risks again and might prefer to wait for the big players to make their move first and see if it all works out.


  • jaysenreed

    A 12 inch Android tablet that launched last month that’s worth reviewing is the new Voyo A15 for $299 and features a Samsung Samsung Exynos 5250 Cortex A15 2.0 Ghz processor and a 1920X1080 IPS Screen – along with Android 4.2.2, 2GB RAM and 16GB Memory– one of the first in the U.S.which has this new model is T ablet S print–

  • What Would Steve Do?

    I thought Steve Jobs said the original iPad screen was the definitive screen size? Now, they have the iPad Mini and potentially this twelve-plus inch screen? Was Jobs wrong?

    • David

      Marketing. Say it is the right size, people will believe you. Say it looks about right, they may step away. Steve always said lots of things were “just perfect” and then redefined them.

    • JessieSmith2021

      Another 12-inch tablet to launch recently is the new VOYO A15 Android
      tablet($299) and features an impressive Samsung Exynos 5250 Cortex A15
      processor – 2.0 Ghz as well as a high resolution 1920X1080 IPS Screen.
      It offers Android 4.2.2 – 2GB RAM / 16GB and comes preinstalled with
      Google Play and also works with both Chromecast as well as the new
      Miracast TV – HD wireless system, which is much better than Chromecast
      and doesn’t limit the content you display like Chromecast does, and a
      new Miracast HD Wireless adapter($39) that became available this week
      works much more like Apple’s $100+ Airplay Wireless display technology.

      Both of these new products are featured at T ab l e t S p r i n t–