Today Samsung announced a brand new set of forums for developers on Android specifically for their Samsung devices. This new place to talk and exchange ideas will work through their already existing developer site: and is set to act as a conduit for the news and updates area of the Samsung Developers site. This area will draw on all walks of Android development life: bada, Java, Widgets, Themes, etc, and will be a single gateway for SDK’s tutorial videos, hardware updates, software updates, and more.

This forum will, from what we understand, be host to Samsung officials as well, allowing developers to get in contact with the higher-ups easier than ever before. This forum will help developers by offering development tools to get complex projects off the ground including SDK plug-ins for assistance in Augmented Reality or personalized Location Based Services. Wild! Sounds like quite the arena.

Additionally there’ll be more items to help including a dynamic Theme Tool, a Sensor Simulator, and a Remote Test Lab that’ll allow developers to test their applications remotely on real devices if they’ve not got them handy themselves. A helpful set of tools to be sure. You can head over to Samsung’s developer page right now to check if the forums are up yet, reloading and reloading until they are, or you can stick around Android Community and we’ll be sure to let you know.

ALSO you can check out our very own best forums in the entire world ever in history right over here: [AC Forums]

Check out the full press release below:

Samsung Electronics Launches Developer Forum Designed to Support Android Application Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2011 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the global leader in Android(tm) mobile devices, today announced the Samsung Android Developer Forum, designed to provide technical support for its Android application developers.

The Samsung Android Developer Forum will provide additional features and functionality specifically for the Android Developer via the existing Samsung Developers website (

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  • Shubhankartech

    I am facing some UI related issues i galaxy note. I am little dissapointed because
    of the following issues which i had never faced in galaxy S2. please suggest
    solutions the problems. I have purchased Galaxy note 6 bdays back.
    1. if i open any application that has a list view or scrollview and if I scroll list
    items/scrollview in that list view for the first time , the scrolling is not at all
    smooth and tends to hangs while scrolling. Once i have scrolled through out the
    list view or scroll view , the scrolling becomes smooth..I am facing this problem
    even in contact list.
    2. When opening any application a blank screen with title bar always appears for
    a sceond.
    3. The music tends to pause for a second when new applications starts.
    4. When i connect phone to PC the synchronization screen tends to appear at
    regular interval even if kies in not running in PC , which makes phone usage
    during charging difficult
    Thanks and Regards

  • Leonardo Pullock

    Has anyone seen this Android Developer forum thats been circulating the web?