Samsung Acclaim Receives Android 2.2 Froyo

January 13, 2011

Samsung has now published their Android 2.2 update for the Acclaim on U.S. Cellular. The update is available from Samsung's website and will require a Windows (XP/Vista/7) computer to perform.

Features such as Flash 10.1 support have not been detailed but we can expect their there unless Samsung has ran into any hardware/software complications with the device and Froyo.

You can download the update over at Samsung's Download Hub now.

[Via Samsung]

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  • Dan

    I just upgraded to Froyo on my Acclaim, and from what I can tell everything is working fine, except that Flash 10.1 is not installed. I wrote Samsung about it…we’ll see what they say.

  • Terry

    I sent the link by text to my phone to download, but it would not support the download…trouble is my computer is a macbook and download could not open there either. any thoughts?

  • Chris Burns

    Idunno Terry – might be a good question for the forums:

  • Becoulter

    Was able to download and then synch with my corporate (MS-Excange) email system, but cannot seem to be able to use the corporate Global Address List for sending email – even though the doc says I should be able to do this. Anybody figured out how to do this – or is it a “feature”?