Another day, another fleeting rumor of the ever-elusive Galaxy S III. After skipping out on Mobile World Congress tro throw its own party Apple-style, Samsung still hasn’t mentioned when it intends to bring the Galaxy S III to market. The CHEIL Worldwide Marketing company thinks they know, according to ZD Net Korea: they say that Samsung is planning a huge promotion for April, when they expect the phone to launch in multiple markets worldwide. The 2012 Summer Olympics will reportedly play a large part in the initial promotion.

The reasoning for the Olympic tie-in is a deal between Samsung, credit card company Visa and the IOC, launching a new NFC-based payment system with the Galaxy S III as the flagship device. NFC certainly makes sense – Samsung has been including it with most of the high-end phones it’s announced in the last few months. The April release seems a little dubious, to be honest: there’s already a Samsung event scheduled for later this month in France, so they’d need to get the product finalized, announced and delivered in a span of just a few weeks.

There’s very little information about the Galaxy S III that can be verified. A large screen, fast processor and Samsung’s TouchWiz version of Ice Cream Sandwich seem like a given, but every analyst and insider between here and South Korea seems intent on getting a word in edgewise. At the moment about the only thing we can say for sure is that a successor to the incredibly popular Galaxy S III is on its way – some time, somewhere.

[via SlashGear]

  • Sameer Singh

    Launching is April would be a smart move. All the iPhone 4S hysteria is already dying down and iPhone sales would crater until the launch of the iPhone 5. Plus, with carriers most likely starting to look at cutting the iPhone’s subsidies soon, Samsung could take a huge lead. 

    • Sperrybird

       Sammy already had a huge lead. They are #1 in featured phones and smartphone sales in 2011.

  • you made a mistake in your last sentence .. successor to the Galaxy 2

  • John Latham

    is the clock widget in your screenshot real, if so where can i get it?

    • Ljj7326

      I’m also looking
      for something like this, couldn’t find any. Anyone have idea?