Rumor: DROID Incredible 4G coming May 10th

April 26, 2012

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Ready for HTC's next phone on Verizon? According to PhoneDog, it'll be arriving on Big Red on May 10th. The HTC DROID Incredible 4G has been spoiled beyond surprise at this point, and since it's appeared on Droid Does we know it's coming soon, but not how soon. PhoneDog quotes an anonymous source, so treat this date with a grain of salt, but it certainly makes sense considering how much we've been seeing of the DROID Incredible 4G lately.

The third iteration of HTC's Incredible seems to be a heavily modified version of the One S, with a 4-inch QHD screen, plastic construction and an LTE connections. Other changes include a removable battery cover and replaceable battery (with an expanded version available at launch), a smaller 8GB capacity with an added MicroSD card slot, and styling changed to reflect the previous Incredibles. The 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera and Ice Cream Sandwich-Sense 4.0 remain intact.

One question we're still waiting to answer is the price. When it briefly appeared on Droid Does, it was given a list price of $299, but that was almost certainly a leftover design element from the DROID RAZR MAXX's page. With the HTC Rezound sitting at $199 on Verizon's website, a price of $149 for the smaller and less capacious phone would be possible, but we'd be even happier to see it at $99 on contract. We shouldn't have to wait too much longer to find out.

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  • Captain_Doug

    Yeah hopefully the 1.2 ghz processor on the site was a leftover too… I’m dying for some 1.5ghz S4.

    • Brian Bramer

      I agree especially since s4 won’t be available in that processor range until Q3 2012 according to snapdragon wikipedia. For dual core the model will be msm8230 with adreno 305. I did some other research and the adreno 225 in the S and X is actually better. Adreno 305 is only 6 times faster then the original 200 and the 225 is 8 times faster. Then the msm 8960 pro avail in Q2 will have the 320. This will be 15 times faster and be comparable to gaming consoles. So hopefully this 1.2 was leftover since the Razr does have 1.2 dual core and hopefully this gets the same 1.5 professor as the S. I will be getting this incredible 4g since this will be the most practical for everyday use for best battery performance and feel the 4 inch screen fits prefect in the hand and pocket. The bigger screens are uncomfortable and will suck the juice. A little advice concerning battery for heavy users, get an extra standard battery instead of the heavier and thicker extended. That way you swap it during the day and get double battery life with the same slim back door. Its cheaper and also you will have more options for protective cases. Now let’s just hope the 299 price is also incorrect.

      • It seems like these FCC documents from March confirm the 1.2 ghz. It is probably an underclocked processor to conserve battery?

      • Captain_Doug

        Hopefully it can be clocked right back up. =)

      • Brian Bramer

        As long as this phone is s4, it will rock. The s4 processor speed will only go up to its highest speed if needed. Thats what makes it have better battery as well as having the lte chip integrated. Can a phone be overclocked without rooting?

      • Captain_Doug

        No. I’m not sure if they can be underclocked w/o rooting either… The longest I’ve lasted without rooting my phone is 3 days though. I bet with stock ICS I wouldn’t mess around as much but still, rooting rocks.

      • Also, this post, which has been a source of a lot of recent info and pictures, also says 1.2 ghz.

      • Captain_Doug

        Why couldn’t it be the MSM8260A as far as release date is concerned? The HTC One S has a 1.5GHz S4…

  • If this is in the $150 range I’m getting it the day it is released. I’m assuming the $299 price was the razr maxx placeholder.

  • STEVEQ76


  • I already see the extended battery for sale on htcpedia!

  • Brian Bramer

    Any ideas on price? I cant figure it out but know it shouldn’t be $300. Verizon will want to charge a premium cuz its the latest and greatest processor, sense, ics, nfc, and LTE. However, its smaller non 720p screen, no sd card, and no head phones. Also there is no One branding so does that mean no dropbox deal either? When the first incredible was released two years ago, it was top of the line and priced at $200 i believe. Then the second came out and was middle of the line at the same price while top devices jumped up to $250-$300. Now this will be the best phone at the moment for Verizon so im so confused on what the price will be. Im hoping for the $200 mark again but will probably jump up to $250. Only time will tell. Over the S, i like how this has nfc, removable battery, and an sd card slot.