Rockstar confirms Vice City delay, release set for late next week

December 7, 2012

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If you're one of the many who was extremely excited about the classic Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to Android, only to be disappointed when it was pulled from the Play Store we have an update. I wouldn't call this good news but today Rockstar Games has confirmed the delay, apologized, and hopes to release the game sometime late next week.

In other news, the iOS version launched on time and works just fine. Thursday GTA: Vice City was set to launch on Android for their 10th anniversary of the awesome game, but it ended up being riddled with issues, validation errors, and eventually they removed the game from the Play Store. We're hearing it was released early and caused issues with their system, but that should of been an easy fix.

The image above is the quick comment that was released this morning on the Rockstar Games Blog. As you can see they clearly apologize, but then mention their "goal" is to release the game for Android by the end of next week. Sadly I have a feeling that won't be happening either.

GTA:3 was delayed multiple times, and we have a feeling the same situation might happen here with Vice City. Hopefully they'll be able to launch the game for all us Android fans next week and we'll be enjoying the beaches of Miami in no time flat. We'll report back as soon as Rockstar announces an official date or when it actually becomes available.

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  • Mark John Halpin

    make up for it by giving us GTA San Andreas and possibly Chinatown Wars

    • Cory Gunther


  • R34p3r82

    I think us android users should get a cheaper price for their f**k up

  • tommyV

    bullshit rockstar, always catering for the bigger marketj

  • Tom

    well, they killed their own hype
    looks like ill buy this game when its 99cents

  • Jamie l

    I got vice city from another place and it’s working fine on my xperia play,