I am not a bicyclist myself, but bike riders are common all over my city. I seem them riding in packs of 20 or more bikes all the time and a few of them have these little handle bar mounted cyclometers on their bikes too. These little computers track all sorts of stats on the ride including speed and more.

A new prototype cyclometer from Pioneer has surfaced that runs Android. The device has a 2.2-inch color screen and can track four parameters. Those parameters include speed, cadence, heart rate, and power. The device uses a sensor attacked to the crank to measure force.

The device has a trackball for navigation and supports ANT+, GPS, microSD cards, and it has a microUSB port. I assume that the microSD slot is for storing media to the device and the USB is for charging. There is no word on availability or pricing at this time, but an Android-powered cycling computer proves Android is ending up everywhere.

Via CrunchGear

  • Major

    Why do you presume the microSD would be solely for media? Why would the purpose of USB be any different on this device than any other? If you do have media on the card, you’re going to want to mount it without removing the card and using an external reader. The device likely doesn’t have and wireless data connection, so the microSD will be needed for software updates. And most importantly, the one feature you would want on this device would be a log of your workout, including GPS trail, which would most likely be stored and retrieved from the microSD.