Popular Games on Android devices have fee deduction malware says NetQin

June 7, 2011

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A security firm called NetQin has identified a new malware threat against Android users. The threat has a fee deduction app inside some games to steal money from the players. The malware is disguised as the games Mole Attack, Jawbreaker, and Five Chess among others. The apps will subscribe the players to paid services without permission resulting in fraudulent charges. NetQin says that so far the malware has only infected Chinese users.

The malware is called MSO.anim and is distributed mostly though application download networks. All three of the games that are infected have almost identical characteristics. Once the games are installed it determines the network used and if the device is web connected. If web connected, the malware establishes a data connection and then accesses a website to start the fee deduction.

NetQin says that to protect their devices the user needs protection, naturally the recommended protection app is the one offered by NetQin. The company also suggests that users only download from trusted sites and check bills frequently to stop any rogue charges.

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  • Chris

    The same NetQin that put malware on people’s phones then charged them to get rid of it?

  • Chris

    The same NetQin that put malware on people’s phones then charged them to get rid of it?

    • The classic malware scam. Your computer has an infection but we can fix it. . . over the internet no less without you even giving us remoteĀ privileges. . . lol

  • Anonymous

    Im an iphone 4 user but Im totally dedicated to getting an Android device this summer. Ive read many stories about many different viruses plaguing Android device but I want to know.

    1. how are virus infected software making its way to the Android market place? does Google NOT have a procedure for checking software before it gets to the market?

    2. what can be done about it, is there virus protection available and does it actually work and work well all the time?