Parrot details 3 new Android devices for in-car entertainment

October 3, 2012

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Parrot released their first car stereo powered by Android last year known as the Parrot Asteroid, but today they've just detailed three brand new devices that will bring Android to your car entertainment needs. The first being a 6.2-inch Double-Din full out system known as the Parrot Asteroid Smart, then they have a few tablets as well.

The first Parrot Asteroid wasn't all that great and had a rather small screen. This time around they've improved on all areas (except the OS) and the Asteroid Smart rocks a 6.2-inch capacitive multi-touch display and will fit in all double-din car stereo options. We have Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Really! Gingerbread?) for the operating system which is a serious bummer when Android 4.0 has been out far long enough for them to be more up to date. Aside from that minor oversight everything else about the new Asteroid Smart looks great.

The double-din stereo unit features four USB ports, although one is dedicated for iPhone or iPods, one Micro-USB, built-in GPS for Navigation, dual microphones, Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, and even WiFi. Then the usual analog outputs for backup cam, amps, and some JL subwoofers. From here you can obviously use Bluetooth for hands-free calling, but Bluetooth also works for data tethering from your smartphone. Users can also tether their smartphones data using WiFi or one of the many USB ports. The Asteroid Smart even offers 3G/4G dongle support for wireless hotspots. The UI has 6 large tiles for quick and simple navigation of the operating system, and Parrot has their own Asteroid Market with apps approved for their head unit. You won't have the Google Play Store to keep drivers safe, but I'm sure we'll find plenty ways around that.

For those that don't want to replace their stock stereo or pay the $599 price for the Asteroid Smart, Parrot also has two Android tablets with a similar design and customizations set for in-car usage. Parrot will be offering the Asteroid Tablet, and the Asteroid Mini. The Parrot Asteroid Tablet looks like most Android tablets but is only 5-inches and sadly runs the same Android 2.3 Gingerbread tweaked by Parrot. Then the Mini is a 3.2-inch device that is akin to a Garmin GPS unit, only it also runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and doesn't offer touchscreen controls. You'll need Parrot's control wheel to navigate that clunky thing.

We're pretty interested in that 6.2-inch Asteroid Smart, but that's about it. The Smart will run you $599 while the Tablet and Mini will cost users $399 and $299 -- coming this November. Interested?

[via Parrot]

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  • Captain_Doug
    • haha well done sir! I would rather have the N7 myself too

      • Captain_Doug

        Way better in every way. 7″ screen, custom rom if you want, Android 4.1, quad core processor. Heads above. Although the install may cost a bit more… Did you like how I gave a link to your own website? This sounded really familiar.

      • Yes indeed. I almost linked to it myself. The custom install might be pricey but I’d love an N7 in my truck.

        Maybe I’ll do it.

      • Captain_Doug

        Let me know how it goes. What truck are you driving? I’m thinking of getting a Tundra.

      • Captain_Doug

        Let me know how it goes. What truck are you driving? I’m thinking of getting a Tundra.

      • Captain_Doug

        Also, I think it’s funny you wrote both articles.

  • This is tempting… I was hesitant on the original Asteroid because of its form factor.

  • Tim Gladding

    Sounds nice but I refuse to look at any device that isn’t at least ICS 4.0.4 today with a promise of at least a JB 4.1.1 upgrade, It’s just not worth the risk.