There is an app out there in the world that takes group messaging to another level, one where you can not only communicate with the people you know and love on a whole slew of 3rd party networks, but through geotagging allows you to get a handle on those around you who are about to become your brand new associates. Starting today, key features have been added to the already cross-platform ultra popular platform (10 billion messages a month and 300,000 groups for 11 million users) to a newly minted discovery-heavy person finder as well. What we’ve got for you below is a look at this app as it was, as it is, and as it will be from this point on.

In addition to being able to add yourself to a slew of already-established chat programs like Aol Instant Messanger, Facebook Chat, and MSN Messenger, you can chat on the Palringo-based network on its own, each of these networks connecting through the same interface which is here made simple by Palringo. You can now do new things like geotag (with GPS, is what that means) groups to make it easier for Palringo users to find local communities of interest to them, search by category of interest, browse groups by stats like most active, types of messages, and etc, and more!

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The video above gives you a brief and basic tour through some of these features, mostly giving you an introduction to the interface with which you’ll be working here on Palringo. Note also that Android is only one of many different platforms with which you can access Palringo, desktop and Java ME amongst them as well, believe it or not. Some interesting uses and statistics from the platform as provided by Palringo are as follows:

The rapidly-growing community of Palringo Groups covers every type of interest area, from gaming and entertainment to sports, technology and business. Local, cultural and gaming groups are especially popular, with a high degree of activity. Cultural groups use Palringo’s voice messaging capabilities to learn new languages and practice speaking, while gaming groups are organizing themselves into clans to enhance their gaming experience. Message traffic in these groups recently surged past 450 million messages in a single day. Year-over-year growth in the number of messages sent via Palringo overall is more than 230 percent, with voice and picture messages both growing at a rate of more than 400 percent.

The newest features you’ll find are as follows:

Groups Directory : It is here that you’ll be able to browse groups and find what you’re seeking in a potential discussion about the subjects you love. Browse by category or interest, and find new statistics on these groups to better your understanding of how popular or well-trafficked the groups are as you glance through them.

Group Stats : Instead of looking through groups relatively blindly, with new statistics as you browse you’ll be able to target groups that have found success OR seek out groups that only have a few people working with them – perhaps you’d like a more involved 4 person discussion instead of a 20 person discussion with wild words flying about? It’s all up to you.

Geotagging : As you’ll see clearly in the video above, once you hit the map, you’ll instantly see the impact Palringo has had around you literally. You’ll now be allowed to tag groups with location information based on events and other criteria. Want to let people know you’ve got a chat group for the Fallcon comic convention coming up next month? Just tag the convention center and give it a title – simple!

Then there’s still the already working set of features you’ll love, especially if you’re not already familiar with the platform: push-to-talk messaging that allows users to use their devices like walkie-talkies, photos, location, and of course third-party service integration like those listed above.

You can [download and use Palringo for free from the Android Marketplace] with all of the new features listed above starting today!

  • Luciano-ramos20


  • SugarNips

    I have been using Palringo for years and from experience
    what I can say is this.


    1. It does not get any better. The service provided is
    horrible. It constantly crashes and clearly has memory leaks on iPod, iPad, iPhone
    and Droid devices.


    2. Do not pay for any group bots. Let some other person do
    so. If for some reason your account is banned for some reason that you have no
    control over and/or even know what happened all your money is gone. They tried
    to refer me to the TOS but unfortunately for them the law is the law and they
    don’t make it.


    3. Their customer service is the worst in the business. I truly
    believed I was dealing with a 15 year old. Regardless, my issues were not
    resolved and I have filed a dispute with my credit card company to obtain my
    money back.


    4. Their servers are constantly crashing. This is not as
    annoying as you might think but when they do crash their status says they are
    business as usual. Just another item from this company that is a joke. It


    5. You cannot multi-task the group chats. By this I mean, if
    you are actively chatting in 2-3 groups simultaneously, and switch between
    them, you lose all history and have to retrieve it from the server on the
    windows you toggled. This obviously makes multi talk more annoying than useful.
    It happens on all iDevices and Droid.


    6. They recently changed the ability to purchase credits
    from the app store. This means you must enter payment information directly with
    them to purchase the credits. Normally that is not such a big deal but there
    are currently ways to hack your Palringo account and have it stolen from you.
    You then have to contact support to get it back. Because of that, I would not
    trust their online payment system.


    All in all, I will continue to use their services as I have
    many friends on Palringo. I will not however continue to spend another dollar
    with them.

  • shadow

    im useing a galaxyS2 and this app keeps force closeing on me…………….

  • i need it

    how do i get emross farm bot

  • onx

    Palringo Agents hack your accounts, be careful and don’t EVER give agents your details, Just because they have agent status, does not mean that they will not try to compromise your details. It happened to me. WSFixer is a agent to be wary of. Also ask yourself how easy it is to become an agent…

    • Pal geek

      Ws fixer is not a agent, nor did he ever ask anyone for their login credentials. I dare say your someone who he had to have barred and your a little sore about that. All agents are checked and are over 18 and have no special powers they are normal users that give support info

      • PowerAbuserz

        They have powers to barr ban loxck groups kick groups remove power reassign owners etc u cant say they dont have power and they are far from supportive

  • spencer

    There is always those people who bash on the people that try to make some money, yes they have corrupt agents, but in this day and age we have corrupt cops, politicians, mayors, and the senate is a big hive of corruption. Pal is like any chatting site out there, you do have to be careful of who you meet. But there is upsides to it also, we can communicate all over the world instantly. I found my beautiful wife on there and am happily married because of palringo. You say that agents should start their own support groups but cant you just go to the support groups that are mentioned above? I mean honestly, how can you bash on something that can either help you or harm you depending on the user? If you hate it then its your fault not anyone elses. At least pal tries to help out. If you hate it so much then dont get on. I encourage you to make a huge site like pal and not need money to keep it going, at least they dont charge by the month like other ones do. I love pal and i dont care if you are all a buch of children that got hurt because you were doing stupid stuff on pal. I believe there is always going to be corruption in the world and you guys just need to learn it and know it.

  • PowerAbuserz

    the agents and the vips are corrupt they frequently throw the term tos violation to barr/ban anyone who speaks out against them there are some amazing vips who actually do there job such as Lou and walter but others dont. 9 times out of ten if you read tos you will find that not only what they are accusing you of isnt there that also theyve changed the wording to fit.their own scenarios the app is dying the rooms are dying dont u dare insult anyone with a purple tag or u will find youself cut off barred and possibly even ip banned when they find you to be an irritation to them. I used to love this app and i understand the need for moderators but its been taking it too far now and the company is losing users in mass quantities its a dying memory of what it was.

  • Lauren

    For some reason, I can still log in but cannot pull up any message histories, check my friend requests, or send a message. Is my account banned?