PAC-MAN for Android Review [Amazon Free App of the Day]

June 1, 2011

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It appears that BANDAI / NAMCO are making an effort to get into the mobile gaming world today as they've both released PAC-MAN for Android exclusively through the Amazon Appstore for free AND have showed up at the Qualcomm (Uplinq) conference alongside other brand giants collaborating with the chipmakers. What we're looking at here is the PAC-MAN game on a couple of devices of note: the HTC ThunderBolt (because it's still one of the most widely used devices on the LTE-having market right now,) and the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY because we wanted to see if the controls did anything with the game. Turns out they do - sort of.

Once you open this app you'll notice the BANDAI / NAMCO logo in orange and yellow on white, then the game. Instantaneously and without a wait you'll be playing PAC-MAN in classic arcade fashion. This app is set up for use on all screen sizes, but once you've got it up on a larger tablet, you'll find that a large black border appears around your game screen. We're hoping for a tablet-optimized version of the game in the near future.

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The reason we ARE looking for an optimized version of the app is because it's utterly amazing and totally classically worth playing. There's a single control, that being the virtual joystick that you're able to control from anywhere on the screen, then a pause screen that you can activate with your back button (or the Circle button if you're on the Xperia PLAY.) Have a look then go get it for free from the Amazon Appstore!

Check out our Amazon Appstore 101 column for more information on the store if you're totally unawares!

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  • BT Onedem

    How about a 3d pac-man?

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