If you are in the market for a really low price Android tablet, even if it might not be the best tablet around a website called Lightinthebox has announced the addition of a new and very cheap tablet called the Ouku Tab. The tablet can be purchased right now via the website for $124.99. For the money, you get a small tablet with a 7-inch screen and lots more.

The tablet runs Android 2.1 and has an integrated webcam. It has WiFi, email support, eReader support and has access to the Android Market. It also supports web surfing and social networking, all of the stuff you expect a tablet to be able to do.

The integrated camera is a 0.3MP unit and it has an integrated speaker and G-sensor. The battery is a 1620mAh unit with a run time of 4-5 hours per charge. Internal storage is 4GB and it has external storage to T-flash drives. The processor is a 660Mhz ARM unit and the tablet has 256MB of RAM.

[via Lightinthebox]

  • Cheap_tablets

    There’s the sub $200 tablet a lot of people have been bitching for. Now go and buy it! Oh, what? The specs now aren’t good enough for you? What do you expect for sub $200?!?!?!?!?!

    • Ramost

      I just bought one, the specs are fine. It’s not so much what I expect from a sub $200.00 tablet as it is what i expect from a tablet for over $200.00 dollars. Not even that really, but for 200+ dollars you would expect froyo and most come with that but you would also expect flash to work. For over $250.00 you expect it to come with android market but many don’t. An android tablet that has all the specs for 3d gaming you would think would at least have a dual touch screen.
      Honestly, I wonder if the manufacturers even have a clue of who they are building these tablets for.
      I shopped around and was going to drop bank on a tablet but I think I’ll wait for the the crapfest to clear. Seriously, if you are going to build and sell something show some pride and brand the damn thing.
      At least Ouku had balls enough to put their name on it and I haven’t read any negative things about it. It also seems to work well out of the box.

  • Not a bad design for a sub $200 android tablet

  • Not a bad design for a sub $200 android tablet

  • Lovessarae

    I just need a ieim number

  • Kanli1623

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