NFL Mobile redesigned for 2013, blocks root users

August 5, 2013

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The official NFL app for Android has been updated this afternoon with tons of changes. Now that football is here (finally!) we all need an app to stay up to date with the latest news, scores, and highlights. It appears to be replacing the Verizon NFL Mobile app, and the official NFL (2011, 12, 13) one has simply been renamed NFL Mobile, and aside from a nice redesign it's all bad news.

The developers of the app decided to drop the yearly re-name system where they titled the app after each year for that season, and instead will simply call this NFL Mobile. That's presumably why Verizon's NFL Mobile app, that's been around for years, was renamed to NFL Mobile 1.0. So yes, this just got even more confusing. This latest app will tell you to uninstall the old version, which is still on the Play Store oddly.

Even more confusing is how the NFL's app went from version 3.7 to 8.0 with this mornings update. Seems they've been doing some testing, and decided to jump right to version 8 for this season. That aside, the new app actually looks extremely awesome. There's tons of content from NFL Network, which is nice but a subscriber like me still needs to pay Verizon $5.99 a month too. So I won't get to reap the benefits of this new app. Taking cues from Verizon's version, this app will do it all. News, alerts, scores, updates, highlights, and even let you manage your Fantasy Football Team. They blend both apps into one.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.26.24 PM

Well, you might be able to do all of that with the app. So long as you're using a stock device. They've blocked every root user from using the app. Not just streaming parts either for piracy reasons. If you're rooted this app simply won't work at all. I guess you'll need to use Yahoo or ESPN for Fantasy Football this year.

So for the millions or regular NFL app users, and all those Verizon NFL Mobile users. We now have one app, it does it all, but blocks rooted users outright. I guess I'll have to use this app with my tablet only, since all my phones are rooted. It's a pretty good update otherwise, so check it out below. Go Packers!

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  • Wolftracer

    Verizon pulled that crap with the Redbox Instant app too. That soon changed with the next update.

    • Yea. We’ll see how long this lasts. They got the exclusive for video streaming through 2014, so might stay for “copyright” reasons.

  • Jamie Fisk

    But, who actually gives a shit.

    • Joe

      Well, looks like plenty of people, judging by the reaction to CNexus’s mod 😉

  • Jamie Fisk

    I’m guessing there’s a smallish cross section of root users, and football fanatics.

  • Zachary Morris

    Fuck them for blocking root users! And Fuck the Packers! And will there be a workaround app on XDA anytime soon?

  • Zachary Morris

    Thank you good sir!!

  • big D

    unable to uninstall old version of app,these guys are a-holes

  • WhyMeLord

    I have no interest in professional sports much less the NFL. Not unlike XXX rate video if I can’t participate i don’t want to watch.

    Basically just another way to p*ss off (and on) the customer base.

  • theotherRJH

    I need to root my phone to get rid of this fucking app. I do not support the NFL because it is buddy buddy with Homeland Security. But for some reason, VZW has a massive hardon for this app.