I hate waiting for things. I especially hate waiting on software updates. I would install an update manually in a second if it meant that I would get it right now rather than having to wait until a device maker felt like pushing it out OTA. I bet that a lot of you are the same way, and if you have a Nexus S smartphone and you are waiting for the Android 2.3.4 update to get pushed to you, why wait?

You can grab that update manually and patch your smartphone right now if you are tired of the wait. The big new feature that the update will add to your smartphone is the ability to video chat through Google Talk. That is a compelling reason to update for many people. The official file is up for download and the steps you need to follow to be able to install the update file manually are below. Have fun!

First you need to download the official file from this link. Then place the file in the root of your storage. Next turn the phone off and reboot into the bootloader by holding the volume up while you turn the phone on. After that, you can use the volume buttons to choose “recovery” from the menu and then hit the power button to select the option. After that, you should see the triangle on the screen, and you can hold down the power button while pressing volume up and get the list of options. After that choose the file you downloaded to update to Android. Use those instructions at your own risk.

[via Gottabemobile]

  • Will try to put it on my N1 over Gyanogen 7.0.2

  • Error: Status 7

  • Madloox

    Not working…. error 7


    wont work

  • Anonymous

    worked a treat on my Nexus S.


  • Vibhuism.in

    Finally, after wasting helluva time to study the repurcussions of android 2.3
    4, manually updated to 2.3.4 from 2.3.2

    I was considering myself damn lucky that I hadn’t downlaoded the 2.3.3 because of the colour issues….

    But my hard luck, now this color issue has engulfed my NexusS after 2.3.4

    So, if any one has any solution, do help me out ….

    So, my advice still to every one, don’t be an idiot like me and if ur 2.3.2 is working okay, atleast don’t manually update to 2.3.4

    Nor can I guarantee the OTA update of it won’t change the screen colour :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


    I 9020XXKD1 :((((

    now, on 2.3.4

  • finally great

  • Trevor

    I manually updated my nexus s to 2.3.4 and have noticed that my wifi keeps turning itself off. Anyone else noticed this??