Some folks are reporting over at XDA that an update to Nexus S is pushing now, one that brings the system up to version 2.3.2. This version, as it says it contains important bug fixes, we expect is the SMS bug fix everyone’s been waiting for. No more random recipients for you!

If you’ll take a peek back [here] you’ll note the bug and will appreciate the fix to a degree that your random texts to people you dont know might never have expected. Then hang a left back here and tell us if you’ve received the update yourself yet. – thanks for the tip DistortedLoop!

NOTE: We’ve got an update here from Twitter confirming that indeed this is the fix for the SMS message bug. – thanks again DistortedLoop!

[Via XDA]

  • Distortedloop

    Samsung support on twitter confirms this is the SMS bug fix:

  • Amon

    Just received the update on my Nexus S a few minutes ago. Phone has rebooted, and is confirmed on version 2.3.2

  • Christopher Meiklejohn

    Just got it.

  • mmalakai10


  • Horray!… Finally we have fixed the bug….

  • Someone

    Now where’s my N1 2.3.2?!? ^^

  • Alison

    I updated my phone and now my messaging application won’t open. Would someone care to explain? Android ally

  • Dan

    Just got my update on my N1. Updates for that phone were pushed out today.

  • Wartman11

    how long do these updates normally take?  My phones been updating over 2 hours now!