Nexus devices seem to be having Wi-Fi issues on Android 4.2

February 8, 2013

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Issue 40065, a seemingly simple sounding number, however for the more than 450 people that have starred the issue -- it apparently means poor Wi-Fi connectivity on their Nexus device. Or more specifically, on a Nexus device running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This of course could include the Nexus 4 smartphone as well as the Nexus 7 and 10 tablets. The interesting part here, this thread was originally created back on November 20, 2012.

The thread then remained open until February 1, at which time it was marked as closed without any resolution being given. Users continue to comment, however still nothing in terms of a solution or even a response from Google. Some users are reporting the connections dropping in the middle of browsing and others are reporting issues when streaming audio with the display off. The long and short of the story though -- many are complaining about dropped connections.

There are some solutions being tossed around. For example, some are suggesting the use of apps like WiFi Manager or WiFi Fixer. But these sound like a workaround as opposed to an actual fix. Other suggestions include turning NFC off, but again, you shouldn't have to turn something off to make something else work when they are both features of the device. Basically, there are lots of people complaining and lots of workarounds being talked about, but nothing in terms of an actual solution. Or for that matter, an acknowledgement from Google.

[youtube o7SUNamYso0]

You can see an example of this in action in the above video. Keep an eye on the Wi-Fi icon, it basically just goes in and out. If nothing else we hope to see a resolution for this before more Android users take drastic action. And by that we mean swapping out a Nexus device for an iPad. Yes, there were a few that mentioned that as their solution. While I am a bit hesitant to say this, my Android 4.2.1 running Nexus 7 seems to be pretty solid in terms of a Wi-Fi connection. Anyone here having trouble with Wi-Fi connectivity on Android 4.2?

Thanks for the tip Jason!

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  • Niloc

    My Nexus 7 drops WiFi when in the middle of use, but not that often. I have to just turn Wifi on the device off and then back on again for it to work and remain stable. I have also experienced the audio continuing to play with the screen off. The WiFi issue does not happen that often (maybe once or twice a week). Not that big of a deal but should of been fixed by now.

  • problems here (UK) we have 2 x nexus 7 tablets and 1 x nexus 4 phone..

  • JoshRose

    I’ve been having these exact issues when streaming music from the Google Play Music app over Bluetooth. Songs will randomly yet frequently stop mid-song, and the wifi icon will drop in and out. If I turn OFF wifi and stream over the Nexus 4’s 3G, no issues (which I’m a bit chagrined about since I want to use wifi to keep away from my dreaded data limits). Didn’t Google just announce an upcoming 4.2 update, and any chance a fix will be included?

  • I’ve had my nexus 10 for about 2 months, never had a wifi issue.

  • Happens on my N10 all day long. I don’t see the problem with my N4 though. That could be because I am on my tablet the most at home.

  • slim

    yep having the same problem with my n10, and my n4 doesn’t even want to connect to wifi and when it does i dont get a signal.

    • Jake

      I have the same issues with my Nexus 7 and Nexus 4. This is BS

    • AJ

      I had the same problem. It is your wireless router not the device. Do you mind listing the make and model of your router? I had a D-Link 2780 and it would not connect to it. After upgrading the router it is excellent haven’t had any problems with connection or speed.

      • slim

        hey, I am actually using that exact same did u fix the problem.

      • AJ

        change the router, I tried everything, it does not work with this router.
        I think it is an issue is jellybean 4.2 and this router.

      • slim

        Changed my router and all is good thanks for your help.

      • Cupcake!

        I have the same problem. It can not be the router. It happens to me everywhere, with every wireless network I try to connect to.

  • Nexus 7 no issues encountered at all…

  • martyhalpern

    I have JB 4.2.1 and my connection is often up and down. I’ll be reading something on my Nexus 7 and the notification bar will catch my attention when Talkatone sends a notice that it lost connection and then seconds later becomes connected again. This can go on multiple times while I’m sitting in my house with the modem in the very next room. I don’t recall this happening before the point-1 update. At other times I’ll tap Chrome or the Play Store app or some other app, and get a popup that there is no wireless connection — even though I hadn’t turned it off; I’ll check, and sure enough it’s turned off (though not by me).

  • Jerry Ferguson

    I had this problem and got rid of it. Download inSSIDer and find a wifi channel that isn’t being used by your neighbors. Once you find an unused channel (or the least used if they’re all being used) then go to in your browser and choose and set the new channel in the settings.

    Before I did that, the wifi icon kept disconnecting/reconnecting, repeatedly.

  • Jake

    My Nexus 7 disrupts ALL NETWORK CONNECTIONS on my router. The only solution is to disconnect the power from the router and reconnect. This is very annoying and dysfunctional.

  • rizal

    No problem on my Nexus 7 3g here (Malaysia).

  • Major wifi issues on my Nexus 10 and as you might imagine, im pretty pissed off.

  • Yes, I have a really poor Wi-Fi connectivity too.

  • dwx

    My Nexus 7 I just picked up is terrible. It will show all of my wifi networks for an instant including my home one with full strength but then just sits there saying “Not in range” and will never connect. I usually end up having to reboot the device to get it to work. I am on the verge of just returning it.

    • Snorch

      I HAD this problem, my solution? Changing wifi channel. In channel 12 my Nexus 4 doesn’t recognize it, but in channel 1 or 6 it works very well 🙂

  • dwx

    Another thing it will do is show my home network in full strength but not automatically connect to it. When I hit the network and then “connect” it immediately goes back to showing it’s not in range.

  • vegiisan

    Hmm negative here also (Nexus 7 32GB w/ 3G Australia). The WiFi never drops out, I have mobile data disabled at home so I’d notice a dropped connection. I know three people with the standard WiFi 32GB models also who have never complained of said issue. I dare say it’s a rare. How ever, my Razr HD on official 4.1.2 has had a shitload of WiFi drop out issues in the past, would have to reboot it to restore it. It’d drop out and refuse to reconnect until rebooted – not on 4.2!

  • Androidian

    How come nobody mentions the Bluetooth problems that started at the same time?

    • sundragon

      The bluetooth issues were awful but they were cured in the update from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 for me at least. What kind of issues are you having?

  • Androiduser

    i have a similer issue on ice cream sandwich 4.0 when i connect to wi-fi the wifi bar drops to 1 then i have to reconnect to wifi sevreal times before it will return to normal signal strength

  • mail

    My Nexus 4 wifi issues didn’t start until I turned on the developer tools. Not sure if it was coincidence or if something changed when I activated the developer tools. But, then again, I have the issue on my Nexus 7 (though I have had to replace my Nexus 7 a few times so it isn’t one of the originals).

  • Doug Wojtczak

    I never really had many issues where Wifi would totally drop off with my Nexus 7 but I do notice that the icon shows the signal strength going up and down even if the unit is stationary. I thought it was just interference from other access points but it sounds like there is more to it.

  • AJ

    The WiFi issue apparently occurs with some wireless routers. I had problems connecting my Nexus 4 to a D-Link 2780 wireless router.My Nexus 7 also had connection problems and very slow speed after upgrading to Android 4.2 with this router. After upgrading my wireless router to a HUAWEI HG533, I’ve had no issues and the speed is very good. I think Google needs to identify compatibility issues with some wireless routers and Android 4.2. Hope this helps.

  • AJ

    For everyone having WiFi issues with their Nexus devices. Try using Connectify Hotspot It is a free software to turn your laptop into a WiFi Hotspot. I used this find out that there was a compatibility issue between my Nexus devices and the wireless router.
    If you still have problems connecting your device using the laptop Hotspot, then you should contact google and report a faulty device.

  • Shep (

    There are many out there with the problem that have never posted anywhere. So it is much more widespread than it might seem. Google has simply not addressed it at all!

  • Giant Sloar

    Got a Nexus 4 here, and the wifi really does work like crap, I’m starting to miss my iPod Touch. I haven’t tried turning NFC off yet, so hopefully that will help.

  • I’ve been running into this issue on my Galaxy Nexus (yakju) since the first 4.2 update. I also saw it on my Nexus 10.

    By far the most annoying bug right now. Even more so because Google seems to have closed the bug. My router worked just fine on 4.1

    What should we do now as users?

    • Also still an issue on 4.2.2
      I resorted to using WiFi Fixer, but that is just a workaround, NOT a solution

  • My Nexus 7 gives me many frustrations with wi-fi. At the local university where I work it can be difficult to maintain a connection or get decent signal strength, even when standing directly under an access point.

    Also frustrating, is tethering to my iPhone 4s. If I manage to connect, sometimes it will show I’ve got full signal strength, and yet the WiFi symbol will not turn blue, it just stays grey.

    In both situations, I can often be guaranteed to lose my connection as soon as I try to access anything over wifi.

    A solution would be wonderful.

  • Rafy

    About once a week WiFi can’t find my IP address. It don’t last long, about half a day, but it is still a problem that I’m hoping Google solves with some update. I hate to see a very good device go down the drain.

  • Just got Nexus 4 today. Right off had trouble connecting to my network. The system was showing low to no signal even though my Nexus 7 right next to it was reading a full strength signal.

    This happened before upgrade to Jelly Bean and immediately after. I am connected, then the signal apparently just disappears except it’s fine as my other devices are connected.

  • SB

    I’m running 4.2.2 on my Nexus 7 and the wifi was working great until that update rolled out now i can barely connect in spots where my laptop has full signal strength I tried turning off NFC because I don’t use it and that has done nothing. Google needs to at least acknowledge the issue and state they are working on it or I am sending mine back in a bag full of dog crap and buying an iPad. I really like my android devices thats why I bought the Nexus 7 and it worked great up until a few days ago now it is too light to even be a paper weight

  • Billy

    Nexus 7 32 gig. I run it side bee msidy galaxy note 2 and my note works flawlessly on JB… This nexus 7 drops in and out relentlessly and has me ready to send back. It’s just not worth turning on the wiki for another 100 times. Gnote 2 full bars and nexus just one or two 10 feet from router.

  • Richard

    Just set up a new nexus4 spent all day trying to get it to connect to home router. Connected then dropped…..over and over again. My nexus 7 works fine. Not ammused.

  • RoyalOak

    I have a nexus 7 and nexus 4 phone. I received my tablet first and had the horrible restart bug which was bad until they made android 4.2.2 now my nexus 7 runs like a dream! HOWEVER!!!! My nexus 4 still drops WiFi on music and games at will at any time. I’m actually writing this now because my nexus 4 is going crazy. I myself don’t want a iPhone I just want a fix. Android 4.2.2 was a lot of bug fixes that were supposed to fix the 7 and the 4. where is the update now?! D:

  • Dr D

    My Nexus 7 will connect OK to anything other than my own router. It says “Authentication failed” and asks me to press the WPS button on the router or gives me a PIN to enter on the router. My router has no WPS button and no keypad. Any ideas, please?

  • Rozdu

    I have a Nexus 7 (4.2.2) and an iPod touch (6.1.2), both wifi only. I use them in the same place. The iPod touch connects better, with stronger signal. The Nexus often says it is connected, but does not actually have a data connection. This seems to be worse today with 4.2.2 than it was before I updated last night from 4.2.1.

  • Graybo

    Love my Nexus 7 – but I find the WIFI terrible, especially when surfing the net, seems to randomly drop its connection – happens so much that browsing is not practical.

  • smb

    My son has the Nexus 7 and has worked good for 4 months and then out of no where it stopped picking up wifi. Its showing strong signal but wont connect. Not sure what to do??

  • exidh

    I was having connectivity problems also with my Nexus 7 but in reviewing a forums there was a statement regarding the router and what time zone setting you have it set at. mine was set to Indiana Eastern where should have been set to Eastern Time USA and Canada. Once I made this change I have not had any problems with connectivity. I will continue to post what I’m experiencing with this setting.

  • sundragon

    Major wifi issues on my Nexus 7 (3rd one, twice replaced for screen seperation). It says it’s connected yet non responsive. The router says it’s got 1mpbs “excellent” connection which is redic. All the other devices, 2 iphones, a Dell Desktop, PS 3, Macbook Air, iPad 3, are also connected and have no issues. Of the devices listed, I’m sitting the closest, save the phone so there is no interference, the wifi stack just seems to hang on my device. It’s got 4.2.2

  • Marc k

    My nexus 7 use to have great WiFi at home and I think since the last update(4.2.2), it been poor. Can,t even get 20 feet from my router and my signal is almost gone. I really hope they fix it and soon.

  • Pissed

    All the android devices in my office can connect to wifi. Except my nexus 4. Fucking bullshit. I should have bought a samsung.

  • This happens to me too. Slightly different behavior though. For me, I will get dropped, and I have to reset my router to get it to work again. The other wi-fi devices in the household have seen this problem too, but at a much, much lower rate of incidence. So my router or settings could be in play, but at the same time, the Nexus 7 seems to have a very bad recovery algorithm when issues do occur.

  • Dani

    Yes same problem with my Nexus 4. It connect to wifi but it stops or disconnects and then connects back again stalling apps downloads or anything else I am running. No problem with any other wifi in public places. Getting frustrated…

  • So, I thought the super awesome extreme bonus of the Android platform was it’s open source nature. And yet for 5-6 months a huge number of people are still having wi-fi problems on their Nexus devices. Shouldn’t there be a fixed wi-fi driver or something by now?

  • I have the same problem with my Nexus 7 since I upgraded to 4.2.2. I tried to fix it by installing apps like WiFi fix but they did not solve the problem. My WiFi signal drops all the time.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    I found a solution in another forum: Tighten the back cover. The back cover is part of the connection system with some wiring running around the edges. When loose, it drops the ability to connect. My tablet was indicating “out of range” even when close to the router. I found out my tablet was slightly open after a fall. I tightened it up and, voila! Problem solved.

    • pgruhala

      Wow. Awesome. For the last week or so I have had a terrible WiFi signal strength. After reading this, I took a close look and POP… snapped the case tight and full bars!!!

    • John Campbell

      Thanks Jose Gonzalez! That was certainly my problem. Checked the back cover, saw it was a little out of whack, snapped it back in place, and Wi-Fi is all good.

    • Kirsten

      Oh wow thanks, that was my problem to it seems, here’s holding thumbs it lasts.

    • simona

      Fantastic! Thanks a lot, I also solved this wifi issue simply tighten the back cover. I did not realize it was a lit bit open.

  • Tord Strømme

    Nexus 4
    On holiday with and cant connect to hotel wifi or cafe hotspots unless im 1 m away from the router.
    It’s fu***** crap and im not happy. Loved this device until now. Im close to smash it into the wall. I wont though, but i will swap it when i get back home. Samsung from now on for me

    • Laurence Harvey

      Just sent back a new nexus 4 as the wifi reception was simply appalling .Contacted google about it , did all the usual tests but nope completely useless wifi signal .Might be why there ony £159. 8gb … should be £1.59 with this wifi issue !My desire s has twice the wifi signal strength side by side of the n4 so what does that say?

  • nexus user

    Nexus 7
    The internet drops all the time browsing or not. This quite annoying. I end up turning of WiFi and reconnecting to get back online. The device is nice but this issue needs fixing.

  • Larry Azlin

    Similar issue on my Nexus 7 w/ 4.2.2. The connection doesn’t drop, but transfers stall for long periods of time. None of my other devices have this issue on the same router. Trying to download the 4.3 update in hopes of a fix … of course, that’s taking a very long time

  • Laurence Harvey

    Just sent back a new nexus 4 as the wifi reception was simply appalling .Contacted google about it , did all the usual bull s**t tests but nope completely useless wifi signal .Might be why there ony £159. 8gb … should be £1.59 with this wifi issue !My desire s has twice the wifi signal strength side by side of the n4 so what does that say?

  • Charlie McClamroch

    I have a samsung galaxy nexus running andriod 4.3 and I’m experiencing the same issues. My wifi worked fine until the Jelly Bean update. I’ve called both google and samsung and have even had the radio replaced by Samsung support. It worked fine for 2 days and now it’s back to it’s old tricks. 🙁

  • tr87sim

    Same here! I have an Allview tablet with Android 4.2 and I can’t connect to my wi-fi network at home. I have been trying to find a solution for three days now.

  • jisabella

    Total Wifi Nightmare ever since I got 4.4.2 on my nexus Tablet. TERRIBLE! Do not upgrade from 4.2.1 if you can avoid it as that worked fine. Do I needed to buy an IPad!? GRRRRRR.

  • jisabella

    I loved Android until this happened. … Still love my Samsug galaxy… but the nexus wifi problem means I could no longer tell friends to buy one. …It is driving me up the wall.

  • tadhg

    I just bought a nexus 5 & I’m furious. have finally got it to connect to my wifi (through doing nothing exceptional except try over and over again) but now my iMac and ipad are being wifi disrupted for no reason i can understand. raging. what a waste of time and money. should have bought an iPhone

  • tiredofcrap

    I have ASUS memo 7hd and it has never connected right at work. Now even at home it never actually connects. I requested a RMA, if I do not get back a working unit then I will get another brand. Asus can then forget about any repeat customer.