Just last Monday Google finally released their brand new and impressive 2013 Nexus 7 to the Google Play Store with the option for 4G LTE, after over a month of WiFi only sales. With many patiently waiting to snag the LTE model we were glad to see it finally arrive. Fast forward to today however, just one week later, and it’s no longer available.

Heading to the Google Play Store to try and buy a 4G LTE Nexus 7, which works on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, you’ll be greeted with a grim notification. It isn’t being listed as coming soon, sold out, or shipping in 2-3 weeks like we’ve seen with countless other Google devices from the Play Store.

Instead it is actually completely gone. Google has the Nexus 7 LTE order page stating “this device is not for sale at this time” instead of the usual sold out status. We’re not exactly sure why, or if there’s some sort of issue, but will update once we learn more. Some users at Droid-Life are reporting an out of inventory status, but we’re not seeing that here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 3.33.46 PM

The 32GB 4G LTE model of the Nexus 7 was shipping with a T-Mobile SIM, but worked on a wide array of 4G LTE networks here in the states. There’s been no reports thus far of issues, so we’ll be looking for more details from Google as soon as possible. Hopefully you bought one over the past week, otherwise, you’ll be stuck waiting until further notice.

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  • Cameron F

    There is at least 1 issue — Verizon is unable to activate a SIM card for the device, whether by technicality or by choice (I am leaning on technicality from the reports). Everyone is having to use SIMs from other devices, buy iPads at a VZW store only to return and keep the SIM, etc. I was fortunate to have a friend with a Verizon LTE iPad. Used his to go to a store and ask that it be put on my Shared plan. Then swapped out SIM cards. Working perfectly.

    I can’t say that’s the reason Google pulled the device, but it’s pretty irritating that they advertised it working on VZW LTE only for it to not work on VZW LTE (legitimately).

    • JRomeo

      instead of using the word “not legitimately”, in my opinion a more appropriate word is “unsanctioned”. simply because I feel that the N7 tablet does indeed work legitimately as advertised. it works with verizon LTE, tmobile LTE, and at&t LTE. it works as advertised…..

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