If current rumors are accurate, Asus may not be making your 2014 Nexus 7. According to a report by Digitimes, Asus is currently looking for new ways to fill the gap they may have, should they officially lose their ties with Google next year.

Before we get too excited, let’s remember this all comes from Digitimes, which has a spotty history of getting it right. While they do make some good arguments, such as Asus having a very robust lineup of tablets, we’d be wise to remember some pitfalls. Case in point: Digitimes is sourcing “market watchers” for their article.

While it causes doubts, it also raises questions. Google’s Nexus program is designed to sample Android manufacturers, and iterate something different each year. For the past two years, Asus has made the Nexus 7, and LG has (if the Nexus 5 really turns out to be an LG device) made the Nexus smartphone.

Without recourse, we’re hesitant to agree with Digitimes, but it does make us wonder if Google would move away from them just to work with another manufacturer. We think Asus is doing a bang-up job with the Nexus 7, but Google has Motorola under their wing, now. HTC could use some help, and Samsung is still a strong partner. There’s just no telling what the future will bring until sometime next summer.

  • Phone_Junkie

    All Asus has to do is build off of and improve the current N7. They already have the blueprint. 😀

  • gmaninvan

    I personally like it. The Nexus 7 boosted Asus tablet sales dramatically, the Nexus 4 really helped out LG. I think that they should give it to HTC or Sony to help boost their numbers.

    I personally will not buy any Samsung product just out of a consumer perspective. They control too much of the Android market and I will advise everyone who asks against their products simply for that reason. For the good of the ecosystem you are better off buying the products of their competitors which are as good or better anyways. Sony Z1, HTC One, LG G2, Oppo N1, Moto X etc.

  • SherriDalton

    I read similar comments, or rumours last year.