The Nexus 5, which was just announced today, sports a number of high-end features, including built-in wireless charging support. But what use would that be without a wireless charging station? Aspiring Nexus 5 owners need not worry as Google has you covered with a brand new wireless charging station that will soon be available for purchase.

Wireless charging is slowly but surely gaining traction, but only a handful of smartphones sport the feature, although there are a few accessories available that add the functionality to devices via an add-on case. The Nexus 4 also had built-in wireless charging support, but the charging station released by Google back then was somewhat strange, if not eccentric-looking, sporting a half-spherical shape.

Google put its wireless charger through a few iterations in time for the new Nexus 5. The charging station now includes a few magnets that will keep the smartphone in place, though it is unknown if that will have any adverse effects on the smartphone’s sensors. The charger will support not only the Nexus 5 but the 2013 model of the Nexus 7 as well. The charger might actually work with any Qi-compatible device but that theory has yet to be tested.

There are no pricing details yet for this new wireless charging station. Google claims that it will go up soon on Google Play Store so it should just be a matter of time before it becomes available for purchase.

VIA: The Verge

  • Chad D

    Considering what the other Nexus 5 accessories are going for, this will probably be $99.

    • sk7

      The last charging orb $60. So yeah, don’t think it’ll be cheap. Also the old one was horrible!

      • Bob

        Also, it won’t be available until the nexus 5 has been out for a year #stillwaitingfornexus10pogodock

      • Moku

        About the Nexus 10 pogo dock- probably was cancelled due to the fact that hardly anyone has a Nexus 10. Not meant to be an insult at all (I personally would love a Nexus 10), but just thinking logically.

    • Farmaan

      they give a phone the cheapest price possible and you guys are complaining about expensive accessories.. they do have to make money some how. its a business. ( just saying no argument required) haha

  • rfrost

    I am looking for a wireless charging car kit – the Galaxy Nexus car kit was great. Hoping the N5 car kit gets announced soon

  • Zachary Morris

    A couple questions about it:

    1) Price?
    2) Will it charge as fast as wired charging?

    They never ended up releasing a wireless 3-prong charger for the LTE Galaxy Nexus, so hopefully this actually comes out!

  • David Sheppard

    Will they be releasing a car dock with charging as a feature ? if not whats the best alternative

  • David Sheppard

    Shame i cant get one at that price they dont ship to the uk

  • John

    It’s painful to wait for it. I’ve got a RAVPower Qi wireless charger from Amazon. It works great with my new Nexus 5. Instantly convenient.