New Nexus phone reportedly arriving this month with Android 4.2 in tow

October 1, 2012

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Heading into the holiday season, the rumors of a new Nexus device are in surprisingly short supply. That all changes today, with Android and Me reporting a whopper of a rumor. According to various unnamed industry sources, Google will be revealing a new Nexus device within the next 30 days, and it won't be alone when Google removes the veil.

Apparently, this new Nexus device will be packing the next version of Android. Don't get too excited, though, as this isn't the oft-rumored Key Lime Pie like many of you are undoubtedly hoping. Instead, it will be a new version of Jelly Bean, specifically Android 4.2. Recent whispers have been telling us that Android 4.2 will come with new features like multi-user login, increased camera functionality, and an enhanced dialer, so this is still a release to be on the lookout for.

Of course, we don't know who will be making the next Nexus device, but a lot of people have a feeling that it'll be LG. This new Nexus phone could potentially based on the LG Optimus G, but with Samsung and HTC also rumored to be potential manufacturers of the next Nexus device, it's really anyone's guess. We'll just have to wait until this Nexus phone is revealed to find out who will be making it for Google.

When will the reveal go down? It could happen on October 29 at the All Things D Dive Into Mobile conference, where Andy Rubin is set to appear. It was at that conference two years ago that we were given our first look at the Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb, so it's possible that Rubin will reveal a new Nexus device and Android 4.2 at this year's conference. Though we might have a reveal by the time October comes to a close, we may not actually see the device go on sale until sometime in November. Whatever ends up happening, this is definitely a rumor to watch as we begin to work our way through October, so keep it tuned here to Android Community for more information.

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  • Matthew Mayhew

    I still say it should be called Knickerbocker Glory!

  • Matthew Mayhew

    I still say it should be called Knickerbocker Glory!

  • Matthew Mayhew

    I still say it should be called Knickerbocker Glory!

    • Rex_D


  • John Catral

    crap I just ordered a travel dock for my Galaxy Nexus. lol

    • lol

      • NoMoreApple

        You are going to make a buyer on Ebay very happy with a free travel dock. IoI

  • master94

    Will it be as revolutionary and magical as adding another row of icons?

    • Jwhap

      Just as long as they make it taller…….I have always wanted a taller phone!

      • titanium_man

        I like my phones fatter

    • Andy_in_Indy

      They need to remove Google Maps, too in order to make it revolutionary and magical.

      • Lte_Addict

        and youtube

    • titanium_man

      yes it will be magical, with pixie fairys and unicorn apps

  • marecki

    Wonder If Itwill Be Supplied With Sound Fix So I Can Finally Hear It…Not Like My Current Gnex

    • JD

      I agree..I’ve had it for a month but volume is so horrendous I’ve been thinking about selling it. I was told googles aware of problem but no word if there’ll be a fix..just not sure if everyone has this problem or just some phones…but very low volume levels is a deal breaker for a phone!!!!

      • marecki

        it got worse with JB update, I had volume + app on ICS and it was working fine…but now well Pathetic is the word…

        sent from my Galaxy Nexus®

      • Jwhap

        Root and flash bug less beast ((peter Alphonso)) it is as close to stock but has a speaker volume increase built in. You won’t regret it!

    • nathan118

      What volume? External speaker, or just talking on the phone? Mine sounds fine.

  • JD

    Great just recently got the unlocked nexus…at least I didn’t sign contract alth T-Mobile unlimited value plan with all the 4g data u want for $60 is a great deal..but not for a 2 yr slavery

    • titanium_man

      I have the $30 4g plan its pretty good, Im getting 10m down and 1.5m up, I think contracts in a few years will be the thing of the past, unless you have a huge family thats shares allot of minutes , unlocked no contract is the ultimate freedom

      • Kookas

        What makes you think that? People have shown they are willing to take contracts, and they are pretty good when you don’t want to pay the whole price of the thing you’re getting.

  • Rex_D

    Unless it is a quad-core phone with 2GB RAM and something new to bring to the table (like a “phablet” sized screen, or some amazing camera) I don’t see the need for a new nexus phone. Don’t the other ones already have Jelly Bean?

    • Ryan

      Really, who gives a fuck about specs on a fucking phone? They’re already more than enough on most phones.

      • Dang Ren Bo

        Until they’re enough to reasonably replace a desktop machine by docking the phone, the specs are important.

      • Would you give it a second?! It’s going to space!

      • Joe

        … eh not for me. I’m an abnormal use, that is absolutely true, but I tend to bring phones to a crawl. I’ve been able to play around with a bunch of newer phones, and many of them (while still substantially faster than my D2) still suffer under my ridiculousness. Specs are important to me. A faster phone will mean I can get more done for my work on the go.

        Please don’t be dismissive of other people’s needs just because yours have been met.

      • Rex_D

        You are seriously saying no one cares about a phones specs? Can I get a vote here on who cares about a phones specs “I”…

      • Depends on how you mean it. I agree that today, the “specs” people care about are more features, like big screens & body style. I for one really am a spec shopper & I don’t mean LTE or Ghz, I mean who makes the radio, is it Broadcom & what model, BCM4329? 4330? Is it capable of being 5.0Ghz wifi-n enabled? Is it BT 3.0, 4.0 & who is making the display? Is it truly HD, or is it psuedo HD like the pentile led’s on the S3? Is the Camera aperture a f/2.0 or a f/2.2? Is the lense truly 28mm? Those kind of spec’s for most people are irrelevant. Just ask you i-Whatever buddies, see if they care that Sharp, LG or Samsung made their retina display? Most have no clue who makes the internals, let alone their true capabilities & variances based on each sensor model & manufacturer. I for one do look at detailed specs & consider them, but I am definitely in the minority. A lot of people also look at core numbers, but a QC S3 dual core can run faster than a Tegra3 quad core depending on other internals & how well, or how poorly, they are all integrated.

    • Kookas

      It’s funny because that’s exactly what it’s supposed to have. By the way, phablets are niche products that will never hit the Nexus line so long as it’s now being targeted at consumers as well as developers.

  • Matt

    LG? Oh god…
    If they make it, I’m probably not going to buy it unless they REALLY do something revolutionary and magical.

    • Tyler

      IIRC, Google approves the design of all Nexus devices. So, even if it is made by LG, rest assured it will be as good (or better) than nexus phones of the past.

  • johnny989

    Based on their history, If they aren’t releasing Key Lime Pie (or whatever K desert), then it wouldn’t be 4.2 based of off past history. It would be 4.1.2. Key Lime will be 4.2 or 5.0

    • Dang Ren Bo

      I think Honeycomb was both 3.0 and 3.1, but yeah, 4.2 would be confusing.

      • tsunami1609

        And 3.2. And Eclair was 2.0 and 2.1. Really it can be whatever Google wants it to be. Bugfixes often indication x.x.x whereas changes to portions of the os are usually x.x and large overhauls are x.0

      • Mike321

        2.0 was donut

    • Nah, Jelly Bean will be 4.2.

  • Improve the battery life, and I’m all over for it

  • titanium_man

    Its going to have to blow the Galaxy nexus out of the water, just small software and hardware changes wont be enough to sell my Gnex and upgrade, its go to be huge, I love my Gnex

  • jaysim

    If i had to guess, they will announce it oct 29, and i think at least one nexus would be available on the play store very shortly after (like within a week)

  • Nivis

    Want to have!

  • Josh

    4.2 should be 4.2″ inch

    • LALinMN

      Isn’t that a bit redundant? That’s like when people say “ATM machine” or “PIN number”…

  • Christopher Chin

    Currently owning a VZW GNex, I’m not sure I’m ready to upgrade yet. I’d have to pay full retail and well, that’s a nice chunk of change that I’m not willing to part with just yet.

    What I’d really like is a Moto Nexus. They’ve already proven they can do a beast of a battery, they can unlock the bootloader and their build quality is top notch (I had a Droid X. Loved the aluminum case).

  • drt054

    I like that it won’t be unveiled alone.. I am thinking Nexus 10″ Tablet!!!

  • will the specs will be different or not

  • will the specs will be different or not

  • Good thing it will start with Android 4.2! Because we all know if LG is involved, Nexus or not, they will somehow find a way to never update it again.

  • Good thing it will start with Android 4.2! Because we all know if LG is involved, Nexus or not, they will somehow find a way to never update it again.

  • Good thing it will start with Android 4.2! Because we all know if LG is involved, Nexus or not, they will somehow find a way to never update it again.

  • Please let Samsung or HTC make the next NEXUS.

  • LALinMN

    Please let anybody BUT lg make it…

  • sinister213

    looks cheap. hope that’s not it.