Google's new Android Market has arrived on the Samsung Galaxy Tab overnight, complete with a refreshed UI - including a Cover Flow style app carousel - and new categories for Widgets and Live Wallpapers. Announced last Friday, and expected to roll out to all Android 1.6 or above devices before December is out, the new Android Market also flags up related content.

One controversial decision on Google's part was to reduce the refund period to fifteen minutes, meaning buyers who accidentally purchase an app now have less time to return it. Still, overall it's a marked improvement in layout and usability over the previous version.

  • JEG

    It popped up on my UK T-Mobile Froyo’d HTC Desire last night too, completely transparently. Market just downloaded itself in the background and on re-starting it, there was the new one.

  • aye

    i’ve purchased a galaxy tab here in Saudi Arabia and it does not come with an Android Market Apps. Where can i download it?

    It feels useless if i couldn’t download android apps.

  • Mayoo

    Got it on my Nexus One last Friday. Really great, I love it.

  • ammar al-attas

    Dear Aye

    I bought the same samsung tab from dubai android market was not included in my apps but an app called slid 4.0 but it is not usful. firmware is 2.2 do you thing i have to upgrade.


  • hussam k

    I bought galagcy tab but no android market?
    how can i get it? Thanks and happy new yr

  • I bought a Galaxy Tab at Jarir Bookstore in Riyadh during the holidays. (ya, tell me about the price 2800 SR, but I love the TAB) I had been researching it for months, and really wanted to move forward from my Android G1 phone which I also love.
    I can’t get the Market to work either, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying. Sometimes it vibrates and then crashes, then I try again and it will open and I can view the apps. Then when I try to click on an app it vibrates and crashes again.
    I have downloaded the ripped Market from this http://www.androidcommunity link and will try it today.
    I have loaded some of my apps that were used from my G1 phone and they some of them work on the Tab. I have also used Slide and Handango, but have not been too successful in getting what I wanted downloaded. But I have been very successful in downloading apps to my PC and then putting them in the TAB. I have used Kies to locate the place where to put the apps.
    I don’t know how many Tab users we have here in Riyadh, but maybe we should have a Tab users group? If anyone is interested post it here.
    Bruce Kendall

    • Shabdulaziz
    • Sanztorm

      i bought mine 2weeks ago and so disappointed because android market in not pre installed…so i cannot download the apps i want to..i’m having the same problem too about it crashing when im browsing in the web…
      count me in the Riyadh Tab users ayt?

    • Ya_hini

      you just need to go to jarir and ask them to install the market app for you. i had the same problem and it turned out that you need to contact them to have the market activated.

  • Issam Ramadan

    Hi Guys
    Bruce nice idea about group of tab users in riyadh at least we may discuss always the trouble shouts me same prob here no market and crash most of the time and i dont know how to fix it it seems a huge common prob for all but some of my friends get the galaxy tab included with the market and it is working so do u have any solution coming up bro?

  • Nawaz Khan


    I want to purchase the mobile phone can you let me know the price and where i can buy in Dubai as i have seen many website which are offering the phone for JUST AED 781 if you have any idea then please let me know so that i can pay the cash. you can reach me on my id

    hope to hear from your end soon.

    • Buy in KL, RM 1500. (Roughly US$300) (New & Original)

  • m calvert

    i git mine in dubai airport, to be honest i wish i hadnt! The app’s wont install and generaly miffed with it
    for sale at£500

  • riad

    I bought the same samsung tab from dubai android market was not included in my apps but an app called slid 4.0 but it is not usful. firmware is 2.2 do you thing i have to upgrade.


    • mumarhanif

      hey riad i have same problem did you find any solution ???


  • Grsreedhar

    i bought this samusng tab just 15days back this is good and ver 2.2 has more features i need more information on the samsung tab enable make full utlisation

  • MariusMsd123

    yes nice information.For more latest android apps and games just visit our website

  • Ahmed Hassib

    I bought a Galaxy Tab from Abu Dhabi, UAE. the market is not installed. can anyone help me and guide me how to install it. 

  • Onno

    It looked okay at first but now it has stopped working all together. 100% predictable. Start market, will crash market. In the background market will also try to do smart stuff so every five minutes it crashes and gives me the option of sending an error report, which I have done couple hundreds of times.

    Android sucks. Should have bought something that works like an iPad.

    • Onno

      Only on Android you will get a tablet without a (working) market app. What is the value of a tablet without a market app?