Motorola XOOM Tablet Named Best in Show at CES 2011

January 8, 2011

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This year's Best in Show award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada is none other than the brand new Motorola Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, the one called XOOM! It was almost an upset as many believed that the operating system Android 3.0 Honeycomb would snatch the award, no problem. Instead, it was found pertinent by the voters to instead vote on the vessel. Of all of the tablets (and there were a lot of them) to pop out with Honeycomb at this event, the XOOM is the hottest.

This device will undoubtedly be the biggest competitor with the iPad and the upcoming iPad 2 in this coming year, it sporting a Tegra 2 processor, front and back facing cameras, HDMI-out, a gigantic 10-inch display, and sweet connection to Verizon's super-fast new 4G LTE network. We've got a live demo of the device here below. Take a peek and tell us how you think it'll fare in the coming quarters:

[youtube vgmN8uKUgIg]

[Via SlashGear]

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  • Jojo

    No Wifi-only — no sale.

    Not signing up for another fu****** contract.

  • Bogoa2000

    Whew! No WIFI didn’t know that ummm bummer. It looks aswome but married to a carrier is a big downer.

  • yup no wifi, thats going to cause some major problems for them, why didnt they include wifi??

  • Chris Burns

    Do any of you know the term “early adopter” and how the hardcover book system works? They release the version that inevitably costs more (with features you might not want) because early adopters can’t help but want to be the first ones with the product in their hands. When kids wanted to be the first ones to read the new Harry Potter books, their only option was to buy the expensive hardcover version (while those who could help buying later on had the option of the soft-cover version)

  • Good features, going to acquire good market

  • I beleive this tablet is going to be HUGE. Its amazing that finally companies like motorola arent sleeping on Apple.. More goodness to us. <3

  • AJ

    Apparently wifi only is coming in april/may. BUT…Flash 10.1 doesnt work well on phones, whose to say it will work on a tablet? AND still no netflix on android app. BOO. Im happy with my Ipad for now, and the Ipad 2 when it comes out. Maybe the Xoom will be my fun purchase -shrug- the apps on the android market are meh right now. Trust me, I have a droid 2

  • neal

    no wifi???? I’m not sure i’m going to want one of those. I’ll just get an Apple iPad 2. If I can’t use it on a plane, I don’t want it. You guys have missed the mark.

  • The Xoom use a dual core processor once each core is running at 1 GHz, providing up to 2 GHz of processing power and widescreen 10.1 inch. more at also with HDMI output to display content on larger HD screens, as well as a rear facing 5-mg pix camera that captures video with 720p HD. Motorola XOOM has console alike gaming performance on its 1280×800 display, and features a built in gyro, Ecompass, accelerometer ,barometer

  • Anon Ymous

    Well there will be a wifi only model in Argentina at least, we can only hope it comes to north america…

  • Checkout this review on motorola xoom.