Motorola XOOM gets huge $1,200 Best Buy listing

February 13, 2011

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It's a morning of Motorola pre-orders, though we're hoping Best Buy's pricing for the Motorola XOOM isn't quite finessed yet. The retailer has listed the 10-inch Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet for a whopping $1,199, considerably higher than the $799 we've previously seen rumored for the slate.

Now, it's entirely possible that Best Buy has listed the XOOM temporarily at this figure, and the actual launch - which isn't expected until later this month - will see a far more affordable price. If this is the unlocked, contract-free price, however, we can't see Motorola having much luck.

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  • Vishnu Dantu


  • If this is true, there is only one way to get it down… get together.

  • st8Jonesing

    RIP Xoom…I had such high hopes for you too…

  • adrian

    back to Adam

  • adrian

    back to Adam

  • Adwin Putteeraj

    This is just marketing strategy and basic psychology.
    $799 was sky high to begin with. Once they posted $1200, they’re hoping that people would gladly choose and accept the $799 price which was the original and intended price. You’ll see that the price will get back down to $799, which is $299 too high anyway. That’s the price of a full specced netbook.

  • deckard67

    I really don’t believe this price. Why would this come out on a Sunday. Motorola is not stupid. $800 is really too high for such a device.

  • let’s wait for toshiba tablet

  • £439 for an ipad, £500 for motorola xoom.
    although that depends on whether motorola slap some supposed import/vat on uk buyers like apple do.
    at todays exchange rate an ipad is only $500/ £312. go figure. ??