What lies beneath is the first really fantastic Android device offered by Motorola for Virgin Mobile. In fact it’s the first Motorola device EVER offered on the carrier, so your ears should be perking up if you’re a fan of the big white-teeth grin, if you know what I mean. Virgin Mobile is known for its flexibility, and the TRIUMPH is no exception, coming in on a no contract plan. The specs on this device certainly don’t win it any big favors for those looking for the race-winners, but there certainly are some surprises waiting for you inside.

The Motorola TRIUMPH is a 4.1-inch 800 x 400 pixel resolution WVGA touchscreen display having smartphone with a VGA camera on the front and a 5-megapixel camera on the back. It’s got the ability to capture HD video at 720p and has HDMI-out playback of 720p as well. The biggest first (besides the fact that this is the first Motorola / Virgin collaboration) is that this device has the Virgin Mobile Live 2.0 app which will allow you access to the Virgin Mobile branded music stream. What this app consists of is a social networking music application that’ll give you access to a music stream hosted by a fellow named DJ Abbey Braden, live music performance videos, and special “check in” features at special events. Basically this is a phone for people who love Virgin Mobile a LOT.

Additionally this phone has a basic 1GHz processor, runs Android 2.2 Froyo, and has Flash support, plus “Android Webkit Browser” as they’re calling it. The device is made with a soft touch design so it’ll be a comfort to be handling, it weighs in at 143g (5.04 ounces), and its dimensions are 4.8” x 2.5” x 0.4”, making it pretty dern thin. Certainly a good competitor for the rest of the Androids on Verizon, the last one we looked at being the LG Optimus V, certainly a powerful little bugger in its own right.

Stick with us here on Android Community as we continue to cover this device and get all the hands-on and review action you can possible handle throughout the next few weeks!

  • Price? Looks like the best prepay android ever.

  • gelid

    The screen is too big.  I dropped my Samsung Epic for the Optimus V.  The LG feels much better in my hands.  I have exceptional eyesight though.

    • Guest

      Screen too big my ass! Keep your optimus tiny piece of crap and maybe go get a iphone too with its crappy small screen.

  • Guest

    Just leaked: Vrigin Mobile Motorola Triumph selling for $199.99 MSRP

  • Hittu

    Already available in india under 2 names – Spice mi-410 and Olive *something* with 2.3. Also known as Ideos X6. This phone is actualy from Huawei.

  • Squallz506

    this is not the same as the models available in asia. the asian models operate on the gsm network. the msm8655 qualcomm snapdragon processor found in the motorola triumph exclusively supports 800/1900 CDMA. the processor found in the asian models is the QSD8255 from qualcomm. the motorola triumph, the huawei ascend x and whatever tmobile is going to call it are the updated western release of the huawei x6 which was released in asia some four months ago. all of the bugs have been worked out since then. notably, the not-true multi-touch was a firmware bug fixed in froyo 2.2.3. btw virgin is shipping the triumph with 2.2.3. sources: phonearena.com  http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Motorola-TRIUMPH_id5634, mobile88.com http://www.mobile88.com/cellphone/Huawei/Huawei-Ideos-X6/specification.asp