Now that the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX is finally official. Rolling out to all users as of this morning, Motorola has used to opportunity to drop a quick video showing off the new OS. This is essentially a welcome video that will help outline what is new, and what users can expect after the update.

If you want to see a quick video highlight many of the new features your RAZR will be getting after the update you’ll want to check out the video below. None of this is new, and is all things we’ve seen from the Galaxy Nexus and any other ICS device, but it’s nice to see Motorola highlighting important features and showing users how to enjoy the update.

My favorite feature is probably the new and improved lockscreen. Not only do you have the option for Face Unlock (which I don’t really use) but they’ve integrated what many 3rd party ROM’s and other manufacturers have. Custom unlock options. Unlock directly into camera, messages, Facebook or more with their new lockscreen. For more details on the update head to or click on any of the links below for more coverage.

  • bobkungfu

    Cant wait to take a bite out of ics. I’m getting a brain freeze just thinking about it. Come on Verizon and push the update already!!!!

    • They did. It’s rolling out starting today and should hit your phone any time now.

      • Eric

        seriously, like, when? even manual update isn’t working for me…

      • OTAs typically don’t all push at the same time. They’re done in batches. You just have to wait.

  • I have two Razr’s and still no update on either one, and they both have issues with connections which ICS is supossed to fix. so i am waiting and wanting like crazy

  • NayWasHere

    Got my update, it literally cut my battery life in half, there’s no more App task manager with auto end list and my GPS seems less precise

  • 8 days and this morning finally it’s ready. after download and restart ICS!!! its wonderful as promised but one quid pro quo…it forces you to use 4g, I had 3g on to save battery life as 4g will drain the battery in half a day at best. and after a couple hours of playing, the battery went from 100% to 40% not good…had I known when I bought the Razr that the Razr max was a month away “BTW thanks moto for that surprise betrayal”
    battery life would not be an issue but there is always a price to pay.. for ICS its battery life……….

  • mrk

    ICS killed webpage embedded video support. So less functionality.