We’ve heard the name Maxx before and now it appears that the RAZR Maxx is indeed real and coming, we just don’t know when. The RAZR Maxx name was first spotted earlier this month and could be one of the many different variants of the RAZR we’ve seen online. Today it has appeared again giving it even more mystery.

According to some new screenshots from Verizon we now have even more confirmation that the device does exist and Verizon is getting prepped. The image below is the name clearly being added into the Verizon system at some point yesterday. If we see another RAZR before the end of the year I wouldn’t be surprised. If it’s better than the DROID RAZR I have a feeling there will be some angry people with buyers remorse.

For now we mostly just have rumored specs but being MAXX it would need to be better than the original you’d think. We’ve heard a few reports of a larger display with a 1280 x 720p HD display and that huge 13MP camera like China’s model of the RAZR. For now the RAZR Maxx has been bumped up above the “rumor” category but that is as far as we’ll take it until we get further details.

[via Droid-Life]

  • I and MANY of others would be PISSED!!!!

  • I and MANY of others would be PISSED!!!!

    • Just like the D3 D4… or Bionic owners after the RAZR was announced.

      jus sayin

      • True but you knew that was coming 6 months down the road but it hasn’t been even a month yet since the Razr was released that’s crappy even for moto.
        now they have an albino one too….

      • correction just over a month…sorry but you get my point.

  • I have been waiting to upgrade because of this

  • I just bought a RAZR on contract. With minimal use, I got 5% at 90 HOURS
    with normal use 40% at 48 HOURS, so no I don’t care about the RAZR
    MAXX, mine is doing just fine, and slim enough I keep my Itouch 4th in
    the same pocket, and the combo doesn’t make my pocket bulky.