Motorola Backflip Updated to Android 2.1

November 10, 2010

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If you recall a select 1,000 users were recruited to test out Android 2.1 on their Motorola Backflips. Well now it's being officially released and every Backflip owner can get their hands on 2.1 with enhanced MOTOBLUR.

The Backflip has always been behind the times. It's internals are not too impressive making the overall user experience extremely slow. When we got our time with the device the first thing we noticed was how slow the device was, but hopefully this update will not further hinder the device.

The update is available now from Motorola. You can check out the release notes here with the changes and fixes that are included with this update.

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  • Amanda

    it honestly sucks. its so horrible. i wanna reset my phone so i can go back to the android it came with. only good thing is the new app market. its sooo slow and a waste of time. whens android 2.3 coming????????