If you’re like me, you have trouble finding just the right pair of headphones or earbuds that perfectly fit your head and/or ears. It’s a long and tough battle that may never end (it hasn’t ended for me yet). Motorola seems like they have a viable solution to that problem, though, with their new S11-FLEX HD wireless headphones.

The S11-FLEX headphones are behind-the-head headphones with earbuds that wrap over your ears. The “FLEX” in its name comes from the fact that there’s a flexible outer band and an adjustable inner band that allows you to adjust the size of the headphones to fit your head’s shape perfectly.

The earbuds are also adjustable to fit the ears and head for those with abnormal skulls and cartilage that aren’t quite what the industry would call “average” (which is most of us). They have a 150-foot range and run off of Bluetooth, which means you could be on the other side of your house and even your yard, and these babies would still be able to pick up a signal.

Other features include dedicated volume controls, an EQ, and a super-quick 5-15 minute charge times. While Motorola claims these things have excellent sound (even over Bluetooth), we’re not going to take their word for it, and I’m sure some audiophiles might agree, but if you’re looking for a set of cans that are extremely adjustable, these might be it.

You’ll be able to grab a pair of these on October 28 for $130.

  • monkeyface

    JUNK JUNK JUNK. I bought 2 pair, both quit working entirely within 24 hours. Never actually got to use either pair, except when setting them up. I’m getting both replaced, but if I had problems this fast, with TWO pair, that’s a problem. I’m not happy.