Minecraft Creators Interviewed by Sony Ericsson, Beginnings Revealed

June 13, 2011

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SO you're the type of person that likes to break down elements into other elements and build gigantic structures out of blocks for the fun of it, playing for hours on end in an environment that you create, yes? Perhaps you're a lover of Minecraft, a game that's massively popular as of late online and heaving with news as of late because its developers have announced their intent to bring the game fully to Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY? Perhaps then you'd also like to take a look at an interview with a couple of those developers, Notch and Carl from Mojang, as they interview with Sony Ericsson back a few days ago at E3 in a video just released!

The video you're about to take a peek at is rather short, but it does have some rather valuable information and you will enjoy seeing a block-headed man trying to grab a taxi. If you don't enjoy such things, look somewhere else, because blockading is what's going on here. We've got word that this game is coming rather quickly to Xperia PLAY, and you can bet that we'll be the first ones with a high quality review on the streets - until then, have a look here:

[youtube rmIqavStXNM]

Then head to our ever-increasing collection of reviews of Xperia PLAY specific games, a collection we intend on continuing to add to because of the uniqueness AND popularity of this fabulous Playstation supported device. Sony Ericsson, you've hit some nails on the head! Well played thus far!

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  • i thing Minecraft is very cool but i am so happy about them puting it on a phone… Xperia play phone