Android users may or may not be familiar with a five-inch smartphone from a company called Micromax known as the A110 Canvas 2. The device is a smartphone that launched back in October featuring dual-SIM capability and a 1 GHz dual-core processor. The phone also has an eight-megapixel rear camera and a VGA resolution front camera.

Other hardware features for the device include a 2000 mAh battery with up to five hours of talk time, Wi-Fi, 3G capability, Bluetooth, and GPS. The manufacturer of the device has announced that a Jelly Bean update for the phablet is now available. However, there is one caveat.

The manufacturer isn’t offering the Android update as an over the air update most of us are used to seeing. Rather, people who own the device will have to take it into a service center where the update will be applied for them by a service associate. The good news is the update will be free of charge.

Obviously, it’s going to be an irritation for a lot of people to have to take their device to a customer service center, assuming one is located nearby. This device has apparently been very popular for Micromax, so this may be good news for some folks out there.

[via NDTV]

  • Micromax brings chinese “no name” phones and slaps their own logo.

    • Raj

      Samsung fan’s unable to digest micromax’s success.

      • Hahaha. Micromax is very small compared to Samsung. I’m just stating the facts. They bring these devices from China & put their logo. Go see.

        Edit: I don’t own any Samsung phone. I have Nexus 4.

      • hi123

        Ur Samsung phones had been also manufacturing in china….
        So ur Samsung is also said to be maid in china…
        for ur kind information

    • Vinodkumar

      so what…

  • let see how it works after installing jelly bean…………

  • @DSaif:disqus micromax is an india based company its manufactured in gurgao u bettr check out.. :p

  • here i’ve successfully upgraded myself from genuine micromax upgrade