Lumigon T1 to be Released with Android 2.3

January 21, 2011

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Not since late October of 2010 have we spoken of this lovely little rectangle, and with good reason - there really hasn't been that much news about it. It's being made by Bang and Olufsen who are known for their high-end audio and video devices and even speaker elements in fancy cars, and now it's this phone. This Android phone. This is the first phone in the world to use such tech, and the news today is that it wont be released with Android 2.2 as previously guessed, it'll be out there with Android 2.3 Gingerbread right away!

Furthermore Lumigon has sent word that they'll definitely be at GSMA in Barcelona - Mobile World Congress y'all! That means we'll be there in the area and if we get a free moment we'll be peeking at this little lady a bit closer for you all. It's cute!

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  • arniexd

    “Such tech” what do you mean by that? What sort of tech?