LG Optimus V Gets Priced, $149 at Virgin Mobile

January 24, 2011

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And just like that we get a price of the upcoming LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile. The Optimus series, being one of the best entry-level Android series, has sure been a popular array of devices. And with it launching on yet another network, we can expect its market share to keep growing at a steady rate.

According to a Virgin Mobile sign uncovered by Android Central, the device will retail for $149.99 when it's made available. As far as when this date is, we still are in the dark, but with the influx of rumors of this device hitting the net, and now official pricing, we can't expect to wait much longer.

Are you a fan of the Optimus series? Will you be picking up a Optimus V? Let us know!

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  • Bryan S.

    Well, I would have gotten this to satisfy my unbridled urge for a first android ever back in November, but Virgin only had the crappy low-RAM, low-res (LESS than QVGA, WTF Samsung!?!?!) Intercept. No prox sensor either. Altogether not cheap enough to counteract its terrible faults.

    So, I got on a Verizon contract (Fascinate). Fascinate is a lot nicer than the Optimus but I’d rather be contract-less, free to follow the market, and own my device.

    Better late than never. I encourage other geeks pining for freedom AND androidity to take this offer. $25/month is nice for unlimited data (& text) even with just 300 minutes. I would have gotten one and kept a featurephone with more minutes on another carrier if I had to.

  • Icesk8ergurl01