Hey look, a phone announcement today from someone other than Samsung. It looks like LG is trying to spoil the Sammy party (and failing) by announcing their own impressive smartphone today in the all new Optimus LTE2 — complete with a “True HD” IPS display and a massive 2GB of RAM. The phone might not have the same beautiful curves as the Galaxy S III but it does have a couple of things going for it. More details after the break.

According to the official announcement by LG this phone will be coming mid-May to Korea, and elsewhere shortly after. While we don’t have all the details and specs it looks like the LTE2 will be powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, have a True HD IPS display of unknown size, but appears to be 4.3 or 4.5-inches in size.

The biggest mind blowing feature here is the inclusion of 2GB of RAM inside this beast — a first for any smartphone. Then it will also come equipped with a 2,150 mAh battery, 4G LTE, and be available on at least 5 carriers throughout Korea by the end of the month. LG briefly mentions some wireless charging features as well as an enhanced “Renal smart camera” according to translation. Check out the few pictures in the gallery below and we will be looking for more details shortly on the new Optimus LTE2 from LG. We don’t expect this to be available anytime soon in the US, if ever, but it was worth a look for the 2GB of RAM alone.

  • Jiwoo Son

    Not renal camera, but “new and smart camera function” such as voice recording and ‘time-machine shot’ that can take 5 pictures in 1 shot.
    4.7inch HD 720×1280. Will be sporting the S4 Krait for LTE. (MSM8960)
    True IPS LCD

    Android 4.0

    2gb Ram

    • bitch_please

      And the author of this article says LG is failing to spoil GSIII? Haha LG owned Samsung! And then he says ”
      The phone might not have the same beautiful curves as the Galaxy S III”, lol how’s that bar of soap beautiful? lol sammy fanboy.

  • Tampadj88

    think i can i get unlocked on verizon?

  • Steve A. Lea

    Chances are this wont even come to America…..haha

  • hordecore

    It’s a very cheap move to silently reveal a new phone on the same day when another beast phone (S3) specs are unveiled. LG could have kept a launch event for this and marketed it better!

  • abhele

    if these fools make it stock and have on screen keys, have the tegra 3 with support of LTE and bring to usa it will be the god of phones in 2012

  • zidane3x3

    looks better than the sg3

  • my goodness! 2 GB RAM, i hope in the coming age laptops will also be the old stories

  • Faris

    Oh, oh! LG just ignite the next round of smart-phone supremacy war. IMHO, any Android smart-phone with less than 1 gig RAM with battery power last only upto 6hrs is a half equipped functional phone. I wonder why it takes so long for the mobile phone makers to see that? LG deserve a moment of crown.

  • Kevin Kerr

    What is this biased excuse of an article?

  • I was wondering when they were going to start using 2GB of RAM in our phones..