KitKat Android page wants log-in credentials

October 28, 2013

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First Google VP Vic Gundotra teases us by admitting he has a rare form of insomnia, dragging Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai into the conversation. Then we get a myriad of leaks regarding pre-orders and availability. Now the KitKat Android website is down, and asks for authentication before allowing access.

Oddly, without a username and password, the “denied access” page reports an error in Italian. That’s probably because the site is hosted in Italy, though, so it’s not as confusing as we’d like to think. An odd issue, but perhaps not as exciting as we’d like to believe.

The Android KitKat site is still up, not to be confused with the KitKat Android site we’re discussing. I know, it gets a little muddled, but don’t fret — we’ll get through it together. KitKat has been teasing us with their cryptic messages, leading us to treat the launch like the DaVinci code. Android’s KitKat page is simply informative, and less clever.

When will it launch? Who knows. There is an event tomorrow, but we don’t expect much of it. It’s probably just some Google+ stuff, but that still leaves us wondering why any Google+ improvements need a Hangouts broadcast. As the questions mount, the answers remain elusive.

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  • James Briano

    The password is 12345

    • Sachin

      And the username is collboy2013

      • snipes

        lol, i bet so many have tried this

      • 888noxxi

        haha! did you try this? 🙂

      • Christian

        I was leaning more towards it being spichaikitkat, but whatever…